15 Clothes Washing Mistakes that Can Damage Your Clothes


To maintain decent look of the clothes just you have to wash them properly to avoid damages.

Here technical expert teaches you the common mistakes that can ruin our favourite clothes.

1. Separation Wrong Clothes

Besides colour, pay attention to the type of fabric material. Wool clothing and jacket should be washed separately; towels should not be washed together with synthetic garments. It may harm your clothes.

2. Incorrect Removal of Stains

Do not be surprised to see a hole if you tend to vigorously carve stains. Stains should be treated with care. Carve is better than to avoid spreading dirt, but moisten with white cloth.

Clothes Washing Mistakes

3. Excess Detergent

Excess detergent produces too much foam, which can hold dirt in areas such as the neck; Because of this, there will be accumulate bacteria, which goes against the idea of washing.

Clothes Washing Mistakes

4. Zipper

Zippers must be closed before washing because their gear can damage other items.

5. Buttons Buttoned

However, the buttons of shirts and other clothes are best to left open; otherwise, they may fall and will harm fabric.

6. Too Much Bleach

Bleaching a fabric becomes less resistant, so test first method of our grandmothers: boil clothes in a large pot full of water with a few drops of lemon juice.

Clothes Washing Mistakes

7. Automatic Washing Swimwear

It is strictly forbidden to wash swimsuits and other clothing Lycra in washing machine. It should be washed by only fresh water and hand washing.

8. Let the Washing Machine “Rest”

Some people leave “Rest” your washer, mistakenly believing that followed several cycles can make haywire. However, it is more intelligent wash several times in a row, this strategy takes advantage of the heat emitted previous wash reducing energy consumption.

Clothes Washing Mistakes

9. A Cycle for Pillows and Blankets

If you wash stuffed pillows and blankets in the washing machine, wash twice feathers and foam retain after one cycle, the detergent may remain inside.

10. Chaotic Load

The most complicated after washing is to find pairs of socks. Try at least once following this rule: first socks and then others will like the result.

11. Softener for Towels

The fabric softener reduces the absorbing ability of fabrics, so it is better not to use it.

Clothes Washing Mistakes

12. Excess Clothing

Do not overload your washing machine, this makes clothes washer breaks and break down.

13. Wrong Washing Jackets

For the goose of your clothes will not become balls when washing, put the washer about three tennis balls. The filling will be in place and make out all the foam.

Clothes Washing Mistakes

14. The Use of Expensive Detergents

Many things that we use have their economic analogues: the salt will return shine to garments, while the chalk helps remove grease stains. Lemon juice can be added to flavor and soften clothes.

Clothes Washing Mistakes

15. Incorrect Care

Wash washing more often; do not forget that the detergent and fabric softener compartment are removable in most of washing machines.

Be washed under these compartments to remove traces of detergent. Do not cover the machine after cleaning. Let it dry and ventilation.

Sometimes a year starts a cycle with hot water mixed with white vinegar. Your washing machine as good as new!