15 Tricks of iPhone, Hidden Intelligently by Apple

They will make your smart phone even more convenient!

The debate between Android and Apple users recently become a little more difficult. But still have iPhone have one advantage: its interface does not change from generation to generation.

Useful iPhone using tricks

However, with each new version of the iPhone there are new features, most of which nobody knows.

But why buy the newest and most convenient iPhone, if you have not guessed what he can do?

In this post we have about 15 coolest tricks, of which most of you do not know.

Perhaps if Apple would start advertising the new iPhone settings, debates with Android users already have stopped.

1. The timer for the music

Timer - Iphone

Always wanted to listen to your favourite playlist at night without worrying about the fact that the phone does not turn off and it will not let you sleep?

Well, for that, there is a setting in the application Clock.

Just go to the timer and set the ringtone to “The Stop Playing”. It works about the same as a function of “Slip” in TVs.

2. Adjust the different vibration modes for calls and notifications

2. Adjust the different vibration modes for calls and notifications

Instead of sticking to the standard vibration scheme for text messages, create your own!

Go to settings, then – in Sounds> Ringtones> Vibration.

Choose a section labelled “The New Vibration” This update allows you to create your own vibration pattern single tap.

3. Adjust the “Flashers”

iPhone flashers

If you do not always see that you call or write, it may help. Particularly fond of this piece are those who work at a computer wearing headphones.

For those of us who are in need of additional signals, it is possible to be used for alerting the LED camera light.

Just go to Settings> General> Accessibility and turn on this great feature.

4. Made a mistake when typing? Just shake your phone

Typing Mistake iPhone

Instead of slowly remove the contents of the wrong text message, shake the phone to immediately start with a clean slate.

So you completely erase your message, and the text field will be clean copy!

5. iPhone can run faster if it’s memory clean

Memory Clean in iPhone

To do this, simply press and hold the power button, as if you want to turn off the phone.

When you see the “Slide Power Off”, press and hold the Menu button to clear your RAM.

6. The iPhone will be “Fresh” if it’s clean cache

Clean Cache in iPhone

If cleaning RAM does not help, try to open something from the App Store: podcasts, music or game center application. And then will clear the cache of your phone.

Just open one of these applications, and 10 times click any icon below.

7. When I posted this message?

Message clock in iPhone

To check the clock every time you respond to someone’s message, simply pull the screen thumb left. Immediately appear time stamps.

They note the time of sending each message in all correspondence.

8. Open mistakenly closed the page in Safari

Page in Safari iPhone

Every time you get out of Safari, the app remembers where you were the last time.

To see the last open tabs, just click on the “+” icon.

9. Now, the iPhone is the level!

iPhone level

Do you have a calculator, compass and flash light? It’s great, is not it? But what about the instrument “level”, which measures the angles of all men?

If you open the “app Compass” and spend your finger to the left, your iPhone and go to the program-meter building corners!

10. It can save you in case of an emergency

Emergency Mode in iPhone

Those who have a password on the screen may worry about calling an ambulance in an emergency.

But if advance to fill in your phone “Medical Card”, any user will be able to provide physicians information that is important to your life.

Specify where even blood group and information about what medications you may be allergic!

11. You can see the unread messages in the mailbox

Unread messages

Mailbox Overload – real and annoying aspect of any phone.

Nevertheless, each of you can set iPhone so that it shows only unread messages.

Just click on “Edit”.

12. Which plane flew over my head?

Plane information in iphone

Siri knows. Just ask her what the plane just flew over you, and it will provide you with all the information.

13. Too slow Wi-Fi? No need to put up with it!

wifi - iphone

You can very easily configure everything so that your phone is automatically switched to slow Wi-Fi to 3G / LTE.

14. The mode indicator Night Shift and Low Power can now be used at the same time.

mode indicator

Again, this can be done by simply asking SIRI.

Say “no” Facebook the evening reading, which eats your battery.

This update will help you to stay active without compromising the power of your phone.

15. Restart


Have you ever wanted to give your phone a timeout when he is naughty? Just hold down the Home button and the on/off for 5 seconds. This will help.

Do not forget to share these tips with family and friends.

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