20 Cool Hairstyles That Can Make Even a Child

If you have many times thought about how you are already tired of coming up with new and new hairstyles, this post – for you!

1. A low ponytail.

A low ponytail - hairstyle

2. Braided rope.

Braided rope - HairStyle

3. Double knot.

Double knot - Hair Style

4. “Greek” haircut.

"Greek" haircut - HairStyle

5. An alternative to traditional gum.

An alternative to traditional gum - Hair Style

6. “Butterfly.”

"Butterfly" - Hair Style

7. Braided rope in front.

Braided rope in front - Hair Style

8. For lovers of forelock.

For lovers of forelock - Hair Style

9. This scythe.

This scythe - Hair Style

10. Spit №2.

Spit №2 Hair Style

11. Spit №3.

Spit №3 - Hair Style

12. “Basket” braid.

"Basket" braid - Hair Style

13. Another way to braid braids.

Another way to braid braids

14. “The Castle”.

"The Castle" - Hair Style

15. Triple braid.

Triple braid - Hair Style

16. Braided tail.

Braided tail - Hair Style

17. Romantic hairstyle.

Romantic hairstyle

18. A simple node.

A simple node - Hair Style

19. braided topknot.

braided topknot - Hair Style

20. “adult” Spit.

"adult" Spit - Hair Style

And how do you this hairstyle? Did you try any of these options? Let us know in the comments!

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