12 Amazing Free Things on Internet; Benefited for Everyone

12 Amazing Free Things

You still do not know?

It’s not hard to agree that the internet is one of the greatest human inventions that changed our lives.

12 Amazing Free Things

The World Wide Web has spreaded everywhere, step by step replacing the shops, banks, cinemas and universities.

The trouble is that most of the quality of services is paid, while the free cause a natural doubt and constant hesitation to wade through thick popup banners.

Here we offer you 12 proven free services, which are not second-class to expensive fee-paying counterparts. All you need is a basic knowledge of English, but without it is hard to understand.

So – a freebie, ladies and gentlemen!

  1. Free Education Courses

Free Education Courses

Fear is very heavy loans discourages you from paid higher education?

Class Central offers hundreds of online courses from Harvard, Stanford, MIT, and so on without having to pay for them. Here you can go through different courses, from “Molecular Biology” and “Modern Operating Systems” to “The emergence of superheroes and their impact on popular culture”.

It has all the information necessary to take their place in the current global economy, by avoiding heavy loans for education you can get good knowledge from it.

  1. A Disposable Email Inbox

Email Inbox

With 10 Minute Mail, you can create very short-lived email address, which will self-destruct in 10 minutes, which allows you to create accounts on sites without the essential spam flows following the uncomplaining acceptance of the User Agreement.

Also it is suitable for anonymous threats and insults to friends and relatives. This is a joke, if that.

  1. Soundtrack for any Occasion

Soundtrack for any Occasion

If you are from those who are simply unable to work / sleep / make love without the pleasant background noise, the Soft of Murmur will offer you all the classic sounds of the environment, combined with a rather bizarre option of simultaneous play them all at once.

How many will be able to resist such a beautiful sound as a “Singing Bowl” or “fire”?

  1. Learn All the Languages in the World

Languages in the World

If you feel lonely at the wedding of his Swedish cousin with her Argentinian lover in Seoul, you will Duolingo.

Advertised as free analogue of the Rosetta stone and many consider him the best Duolingo simplifies the study of a foreign language, softening the blow to your pocket.

The interface is very simple and convenient, and learning takes place in a playful form.

  1. Unrestricted Access to a Collection of Documentary Films

Documentary Films

Recently, documentaries again gaining popularity thanks to Netflix, but review from the “Jiro Dreams of Sushi” says it is doubtful and even buy on DVD even more so.

Documentary Heaven provides access to the vast ocean of cinematic reality on your monitor – for example, you can see how a trout swimming upstream to spawn (see for yourself, it’s really interesting).

  1. Heart to Heart Conversation

Heart to Heart Conversation

As Dean Martin sang, sometimes we all need someone, but we can rarely afford to go to a therapist or contact the escort agency.

Here is the 7 of the Tea Cups – a completely free way to real-time contact with the “listener” and find free person on various issues.

All this is completely similar, so do not worry that someone will know about your dirty secrets. In what a wonderful time we dropped out to live!

  1. Automate Everything

Automate Everything

Although the Internet argue about it for a long time, If This, Then statement That – a site which will positively gain wide popularity in the near future.

By registering on it, you can create “Recipes”: program notice or action that will occur when the coincidence of the two events done on the Internet.

For example, you can make sure that all pictures lay you on facebook, automatically sent to a secure storage, once you have them post it. Or that you are notified whenever someone mentions the word “cat”, “shaving” and “sought” on the local news sites.

The possibilities are endless!

  1. Free b / y things here

Free by things

Of Craigslist – the sector of doubtful mining and sexual suggestions – long ago turned into a digital market and free.

By selecting any region, you will see “section Services” in “category Sell” packed to free second-hand junk, whose owners are dreaming to get rid of him.

Then all that stuff, you can easily bring to your country by taking advantage of any of the delivery services. Get much more profitable than to go to the flea market in your city.

  1. The Old Computer Games

Computer Games

For my generation, the best memories of a happy childhood – this is how we were going to the TV screen connected to the attachment and played games, without paying the small consider the sun and grass outside.

Oh, Well times were!

If you are remembering old memories of childhood, I recommend this emulator of the old game consoles.

The main thing is that the chief did not catch you playing « the Castlevania » in the reporting period.

Although, maybe you’re unemployed. Then you do not want to play on the console.

  1. All Fonts in the World

All Fonts

As a rule, choosing desired font is not a problem. But it’s only because you cannot imagine what dizzy heights reached a modern design.

You will not get weak report for Lost Type offers a choice of fonts for all types. From calligraphy to decorative style; your eyes amazed from a variety of fonts, all of which are free for personal use.

Please consume in moderation.

  1. Processing of Photos

camera capturing

If you want your pictures looked professional, or want to insert your image into beach pictures, but you are confuse about price of the license Photoshop, then Fotredaktor Pixlr for PCs and smart phones will cost you zero point.

While it may not high level of options and settings like Photoshop, but it’s a decent app for beginners and moderately experienced for Instagrammer that zadolbali standard filters.

  1. Help to Feed the World

Feed the World

The only item in the list offering to give, not take, as a digital glutton person. The site Freerice check and help to feed the hungry, without spending a money.

You need to answer questions on different subjects, from English grammar to the school of chemistry, and for each correct answer UN World Food Program will donate 10 grains of rice to the desired job.

Grains are recruited fairly quickly – and it’s worth it. Unlike idiotic quizzes that you are busy at all other times.

What do you think about this list? What it lacks? Tell us in the comments!

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