Check your Apple charger Right Now – it can be Dangerous!


Here is the news!

Apple has admitted that serious ” nakosyachila ” with their chargers. And launched a program to exchange defective adapter plug to the wall outlet.

It is a charge, which comes with Apple’s gadgets, issued between 2003 and 2015. The special risk – The bi-pin adapter that came bundled with Mac computers and iPhones, and Ipad.

Apple insists that the cause of recognition were the ” rare cases “, when they beat the charging current of their respective owners. The company says that all she knows only ” 12 of these cases ,” but it is obvious that the problem is much more extensive. In the end, due to the dozens of cases no one would have launched a program for the exchange of millions (!) Of chargers.

This device, which is officially sold in all European countries , as well as in Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Argentina and Brazil. So if you bring your gadget from America, have nothing to fear. But if out of these countries, we would advise you to replace the battery immediately.

Defective adapter can be identified by the markings on the inner groove.

If there is applied the text of 4-5 characters (typically numbers), then the device is better to change.

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But if there is a 3-letter code of the region, therefore, can not “sweating”.


Owners of defective adapters may exchange them for corrected in any Apple authorized service center. Is free!

Please share this information with your friends who use Apple gadgets. Who knows, perhaps you’ll save their lives!