Treatment Of Cancer With the Help Of Carrots

Treatment Of Cancer

Can you believe…Carrot can cure cancer: She drank carrot juice every day for 8 months.

I had Cancer. Carrot juice has saved me for 8 months

Anne Cameron, the author of many children’s books, was shocked when she found out that she had been diagnosed with colon cancer.

On June 2012, her illness went on a dangerous mission, to the third stage. The woman was even worse than most of the others: in 2005, her husband died because of lung cancer just after the start of chemotherapy. She decided not to repeat this incident in her life.

“I had cancer of the colon third degree gut, and I refused chemotherapy. I just did not want to die in the hospital. Moreover, that felt good. But after six months of my cancer has spread even to the lungs. And it was recognized as the fourth cancer the highest stage, “- she said.

She found the story of a man diagnosed with skin cancer and he cured it himself! As the only method of treatment he used is the carrot juice: crushed 2.5 kg of carrots every day. After reading this fact with miracle,Cameron decided that this was her chance.


After the experiment of 8 weeks, her growth of tumor has stopped

Later it started to decrease.

Four months later, the tumor continued to decrease.Lung cancer retreated.

But eight months later, doctors discovered that the cancer had disappeared completely. This has been proven by many expertise of clinics!

Why carrot has such an effect, a mystery. Of course, the doctors say that this vegetable contains carotene – a substance that prevents the development of cancerous tumors. Cameron had written a book – ” Treatment Of Cancer With The Help Of Carrots” , and there is a great sale of this book!

What conclusions can we give to you? Yes, perhaps, not all methods work equally well with all. But the cancer – this is not a sentence. And in addition to traditional medicine, it is nothing than just natural cure!

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