Here’s How to Make Your Condos Energy Efficient

Condos Energy Efficient

Last year my friend was in search of Etobicoke condos as she found her new job nearby. But when she started living she was shocked to receive her first electricity bill. It not only surpassed her expected budget but also worried her because according to her she wasn’t using electricity to this extent.

When she discussed her case with me, I asked her to track the electricity spending and follow the tips below to cut down the hefty bill charges.

Surprisingly, the results were excellent. She reduced the bill to half only by following the simple tactics.

I’m also mentioning it here for you to save energy and your cost.

1. Analyze your Usage

It’s true that technology has made our lives smarter by giving us smart refrigerators, smart switch devices, wally and smart alert nightlight. But it has also added to our electricity usage and we have started consuming more than we did in the 90s.

So, the first thing you need is to track your usage. Are you leaving the mobile chargers plugged in? Does the switch of the coffee pots stays on the whole day? And more questions like these.

If you’re leaving the cords plugged in, even when they are not in use then you are adding to 20 percent of your electricity bill. Therefore, always plugged off when the devices are not in use.

2. Switch to LEDs Lightning

This practice should be followed before you switch to your new condo. An incandescent or fluorescent bulb emits heat and consumes greater energy. In addition, they won’t last long because of continuously radiating heat. Whereas a LED bulb is energy-efficient, you can save $45 per year only by replacing your five big bulbs with LED smarter lightning.

The LED lighting is recommended if you want to cut down your electricity bills by half. In addition, it doesn’t get faulty soon. A highly efficient LED bulb last a decade if it’s used wisely.

3. Switch to Solar

Going solar is a one-time investment that cut your electricity bills for a lifetime. Although in a condominium installing a solar panel can be a bit tricky but if you would talk with the Homeowner’s Association, they can give you an edge on it. If your Association board is good, they can allow you photovoltaic panels for an individual unit or they can choose to install for the whole building.

If you’re lucky enough to have the solar panels on your roof then the bills are never going to worry you for long.

4. Put your Laptops to Sleep

There’s no point of keeping your computer’s up when you aren’t using. It only consumes the energy and increases the bill load. Desktop or laptops utilize huge power even when you are not using and the charging stays on.

It’s better to keep your computer in sleep or hibernate mode. This will allow consuming less watts of energy; 5-10 watts for computer and 2-3 watts for laptops. Remember that there’s no point of charging your laptops when not in use.

5. Utilize Sunlight in Day

When you have the natural daylight coming in your Yorkville condos for sale, then why not taking advantage of it? If you utilize daylight instead of artificial ones, you not only save the cost but also make your condo eco-friendly.

So, the next time you choose to read your book in the day timings, choose the space near the window.

6. Install a Thermostat     

You may be wasting a lot of energy in cooling or heating homes that aren’t used very often. A thermostat learns the external weather and your habits of cooling and heating the condo and program itself accordingly.

Depending on the external factors, you can save 16 percent on colling and 10-12 percent on heating by only installing a small thermostat. Time to ditch your traditional one!

Wrapping it Up

Applying these small changes will not only make your home energy-efficient but will also help cut the electricity bills. In a condo, you’re already paying the maintenance cost and for the additional expenses. So, saving the electricity bill is good for your wallet.

Leaving you with these small advice now, I hope you enjoy reading this article. If you want to add your suggestion, feel free to use the comments section below.