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E-Book Download

Today I am going to share this article all about E-book Torrent Downloading from Online Sources. As we know Book Reading is an essential thing to improve our knowledge level. Most of the people used to read books while they are free. Reading makes your brain conscious and powerful. Commonly people used to read Novels, Bio-Graphy, Philosophy, Travel book, History, etc.

In the earlier time, we have been dependent on libraries and Bookstalls to buy or read books. Sometimes it became challenging to find out desired books from library or books stalls. But nowadays you can quickly get your favourite books from Online Websites. There are many platforms available which provide facilities to download or read books online.

If you too are getting trouble to find out your favorite book, then you should go for the E-Books torrent providers site. You can find your preferred book Torrent from this website which is used to download soft books. I suggest you use this sites. So, I have given proper links for downloading of E-books. So, Let’s GO through it.

Best E-Book Downloading Sites

So, Here I am going to share this list for you that you can quickly search for your books and download it correctly. Some of the below-listed sites are very popular among users. You can check it out with given links.  

  • Planet 

Planet E-Book com is another platform where you can easily find your book. It provides all kind of books from study purpose to entertainment purpose. If you are looking for Best E Study Book, then you should go for this Site. It has the very rich library of books more than 50,000 titles of books. It provides Adventure Books, History Books, Bio Graphy, and other desired books too. It’s Amazing user interface, and an attractive look will give a fantastic user experience for the new users. Because of its simple and sobber look you can easily download your desired ebook within few clicks. 

  • Zooqle

Here I have listed this site to the best Ebook downloading sited for free because of its simple and easy downloading methods. You can say it as the small search engine specially made for E-book. I am sure, you can find any of your favorite books within just typing name or title of books, or it’s author name. If you are looking for the Books for Higher study, then this is the best place where you can easily download it. Apart from Ebooks, you can easily download your favorite movie, Music Albums, and other entertainment stuff from this platforms. So, I recommend you to find your desires book within minutes with Zooqle.

  • 1337x

Well, 1337x is one best platform which fulfils your requirement regarding Ebooks. 1337x is a search engine which provides all of your favorite ebooks. You can find books from Science, Arts, Commerce, and also another field. You can search with your book name, Auther name, Books Publication, etc. As we all know e-books are easy to read than the hard copy of books. You can read your book with any of the devices like Mobile, Tablet, or Laptop. Apart from E-books, you can quickly get your favorite entertainment media like Movies, Music Albums, Online Reality Shows, etc. If you want to gain access to this website, then you should go for this 1337x Proxy

  • is another website which provides the same facilities for the above-listed sites. You can use this site as one of the best alternatives to the 1337x and Extratorrents. At the left sidebar of the website gives a better choice to find new Ebooks. Other given categories give you the best opportunity to find books like Most Downloaded Books, Top Rated Books, Best Sellers Books, Highly Rated Books, etc. So, this platform gives books from all genre like History, Inspirational, Adventure, Classic, Bussiness, etc. So, You have this best choice to find your favorite E-Book online.

  • Free

This is another best working site for the Ebook downloading. On the main page of the website, there is a given list of categories from which you can choose your favorite one. If you are looking for Audio Books, then this is the best for you. Audio Book gives a fantastic feeling while listening to it with earphone. All latest arrival books are listed just below the section of categories. If you want to get started with this site, then you have to register it with your email id or Facebook account. So, a Free e-book is best alternatives to the above-listed sites like 1337x,, etc. 

  • Extratorrent

Extratorrent for you guys, If you are looking for a site which provides Ebook Downloading Facilities. Here is the Best Platform where you can find your book with proper searching of Name Of Book, Auther Name or Genre of Books. You will see All kind of books like Novel, History Book, Adventure Book, Funny Joke Books, Romance story, Dram and much more. Apart from Ebooks, you can also download Movies, Online Series, Animated Movies, etc this platform. If you are looking for Appropriate Proxy for that, then you should go for this link as Extratorrent Unblock

  • Kickass

Kickass is one of the best platforms for all book lovers. If you are one of them then you should visit this site. This platform provides all of your favourite E-books without any charge. On the main page of a site, you will find all of the latest released content by them. Above given search box is specially made for us to find Favourite books for free. You can either search for Book title or Auther name. You will find the list of all new books form the search. So, I especially recommend you to use this site for Downloading Free E-books.  


So this is all about to best ebook provider sites available online. Reading the hard copy of the book is a very tough then Soft book. Nowadays Every person has their mobile phone or personal computers. So, It became straightforward to read on mobile. One other benefits of learning from soft books are you can continue your reading anywhere and anytime. Some people are also used to read even  Bus or train. But Finding E-books from online is a very challenging task. So, Here is listed some of the favorite websites which give facilities to download E-Books within few clicks. Most of the above-listed site provides facilities to Download E-Books for free.