Drupal 8 Migration: Reasons, Advantages, Business Benefits


For the technical folks, there’s an abundance of information on Drupal 8 migration, advantages, and reasons but less material on the business benefits.

Carrying Drupal’s open source roots and core functionality, this CMS platform offers many upgrades and additions for helping the digital business into today’s age.

Developers have been working on Drupal 8 since 2012, then too Drupal 8 release date was in 2015. However, since then it has been 3 years to Drupal and is ready to release its another version in 2020.

Upgrade Drupal 7, WordPress to Drupal 8 was last years trend in Drupal 8 migration services which became successful enough for websites having a big data backup and content.

A few websites like Arsenal FC, InStyle, Forces.Net, Gap, etc. are the most popular brands and publishers using Drupal development services – Drupal 8.

Why Upgrade To Drupal 8?

I will not suggest you using Drupal 8 due to these renowned websites because fully-featured powerful CMS, Drupal backup and migrate feature is more than enough, to sum up, its all characteristics.

According to a Drupal Development Company, there are four market imperatives that you must consider in the ongoing digital business to continue the digital future when migrating to Drupal. These are as follows:

  • Big Data, A Major Business Insights: Data is very important but more important is finding those ways which interpret the moves to needle your business. Drupal 8 migration provides a strong foundation to deliver better data-driven social experiences via web and mobile.
  • Ongoing Mobile Mind Shift: The idea of going mobile and delivering rich mobile user experiences in the right context at the right time is crucial, especially in the course of customer loyalty. Drupal 8 architecture supports mobile-first initiatives by enabling responsive experiences across your touch screens, in fact, support mobile apps.
  • Transforming The Customer Experience: Transformation is a process of adapting specific experience such that the customer gets the most out of it when they want. Drupal 8 helps in driving the ability to make quick changes effectively, and efficiently in the name of engaging customer experiences.
  • Accelerate Digital Business: How fast can you move in a world that’s continuously changing more quickly than anyone anticipated? It’s really amazing how many new sites, software services, mobile applications, and technologies are coming out ahead of consumers’ needs and demands.

With this as a backdrop, consider Drupal 8 migration as an engine for innovation, but not as a static tool for building web pages and sites. Drupal is among those cms platforms which recognize digital is now a business and period, not just marketing.

Whether as an entrepreneur, web user, learner, etc. if you are accelerating your path to digital business, i.e., to digitization, then Drupal 8’s capabilities will make you a winner.

Reasons To Use Drupal 8 Migration

As the backbone for transforming digital experiences, Drupal features has enabled businesses to think ahead when developing their digital strategies.

People often ask me, in Drupal 8 vs Drupal 7, which one is better and efficient? My answer remains the same – Drupal 8, not because it is a new version, but its module (Drupal modules) and fundamental elements characterize it as the best CMS to CMS migration platform.

  • Object-Oriented Architecture: According to Drupal 8 migration policies, clear and standard rules apply to the code structure, which increases the reusability of your code more efficiently. This makes Drupal 8 CMS framework advantageous and accessible.
  • Caching System: In Drupal 8, an entire web page is no longer cached, caching works per component. Thus, if you modify a part of the page, only the changed part will reload. This offers better performance benefits to complex websites.
  • REST API (web services): Drupal 8’s REST API is an out-of-the-box feature that allows you to disconnect the front-end from the backend. In addition, it also offers you the possibility to create different content types using your Drupal 8 backend.

Drupal 8 migration services offer better multilingual support, easily manage content, is flexible and scalable, fits every screen size either mobile, tablet, desktop or laptop, and has the most significant and biggest community to guide everyone using Drupal.

Are There Any Other Drupal 8 Business Benefits

In addition to offering a robust core of the Drupal platform, Drupal 8 migration has many enhancements that make it a more user-friendly, flexible, responsive, and integrable platform.

Here are a few of the leading Drupal 8 business benefits that matter to digital professionals and marketers for accelerating their digital strategies. Let’s look at them one by one:

  • Authoring is the hallmark of Drupal 8: The authoring experience in Drupal 8 is easy, fast, and fun. Additionally, a WYSIWYG editor provides in-context and in-line editing on the page, which is a huge advantage for those who need to edit and manage content on the site.
  • Drupal 8 is fully responsive: You can use the Drupal platform to deliver the best experiences on a web browser, tablet, phone, or anywhere else as per the content and data need.
  • Flexible content delivery: Drupal CMS platform is powerful as it enables you to create and deliver content on any application. Even more, ingesting content from other sources into Drupal is also possible. In today’s emerging API economy, Drupal migration services is that engine which enables businesses to execute ideally.
  • Translation and localization: Drupal 8 supports any language from the authoring side such that the interface can be customized to other dozens of languages. It also helps your business processes and easily gets integrated with the external translation service providers.

Integrations grow your development ecosystem and keep you connected to the digital technologies for marketing. Drupal is an excellent foundation for web content management, and Drupal 8 migration is the best digital experience management.

Drupal development company have just scratched the surface with Drupal 8 services, improved capabilities, SEO friendliness, tighter security, accessibility, security, etc.

With the Drupal community behind every update and improvement, 2020 for sure will be a great hit where Drupal 8 migration: reasons, advantages, business benefits will get more success with a new version – Drupal 9.