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Dubai Creek Harbour

Two big names in the Property sector of Dubai, i.e. Emaar Properties and Dubai Holding started a joint venture with the name of Dubai Creek Harbour. This project was started to provide Dubai with an economical project that is will provide the residents with an environmentally responsible society to live in. to get the most reasonable as well as luxury these are the two best projects to invest in.

Dubai Creek – The Origin of Dubai

Dubai in its very early age depended much on its natural marina, through which much of the world’s trade was carried out, the fish mining and pearling were the two major earners of Dubai. These three basically brought Dubai where it is today, that is the height of the world’s most successful cities. Keeping the cultural heritage intact, Dubai Creek is a modern as well as an environmentally safe city that intends to provide luxurious amenities to its residents at the most reasonable price range.

Dubai Creek is located along the side of Ras Al Khor where there is a wildlife sanctuary that is the most prominent landmark of the area. Being near to such a location has its perks as there is natural greenery, wildlife and is built around such bio-network that is mesmerizing to watch. These points are enough to make the property very attractive to the potential buyers as well as investors looking for great returns

This project is the partnership of perfect duo that has brilliant expertise in developing the most prominent projects all over Dubai. Dubai Holding being the owner of vast land in Dubai and Emaar Properties with all the experience, modern technologies and smart workforce to carry the project to its perfection. The plan is to decrease the ecological impact that will benefit both the residents, as well as the ecological system of Dubai. Being responsible about the environment also adds credibility to the track record of the developer. This project has planned to integrate a viable transport system that will link people across Dubai and will help them to build a city full of life. Transport is the lifeline of any property

This successful duo of Dubai Holding and Emaar Properties has announced their first developmental project with the name of Dubai Creek Residencies. This remarkable project will accommodate over 4,000 residents who will enjoy peaceful living by 2019. In the midst of Ras AL Khor Wildlife sanctuary and rich cultural heritage, this project is a result of miraculous work done by architects and consultants that helped to build this astonishing adventure.

Development at its best:

What makes this development different from all other is the mixed approach that has been applied to it by the developers. Most of the other projects focus on one thins like greenery or innovation, whereas, this dynamic duo has a unique approach to it. They have decided to add a marina, a yacht club, as well as retail spaces, and that isn’t all they also plan to build eco-resorts as well as an amazing waterfront that will surely keep all the residents captivated for hours.

It’s the kind of development that all residence, belonging to all generations can enjoy. This is the beauty of this development.

Dubai square is the most intriguing piece of this whole mix and match development. It’s the epitome of fine dining, unique retail choices as well as all leisure entertainment attractions. These attractions will keep the resident perfectly busy that they will not even think about going out of the neighborhood to get entertained.

Expo 2020 and it is New Beacon:

Dubai Creek Harbour will be the shining star of the Expo 2020 due to its innovation as well as its unique development. It will be the centerpiece of the Dubai expo with its jewels such as cable-tied Dubai Creek Tower designed by the architect Santiago Calatrava who hails from Spain-Swiss. This project is predicted to be even taller than the tallest as well as the most iconic tower the Burj Khalifa.

The designs are mostly inspired by tradition as well as cultures like Islamic values. The tower will be a structure like no other with its epic designing, excellent innovation as well as environmental benefits.


Dubai is one of the most promising places to invest as well a place to get the best returns on your investments. Projects like Dubai Creek Harbour are the kind of developments that keep a city like Dubai going, with duos like Dubai Holding and Emaar Properties making developments bigger and better for the further investors.