8 Eyes Makeup Tricks to Give Your Eyes Impressive Look


No need to be a professional make-up artist to make your eyes look impressive. It is more enough to know a few simple tricks and your eyes look will attract the attention of others like a magnet.

Exclusively for expert artist disclose some secrets of how to make eyes look more expressive and hot.

1. Highlight Eyebrows:

Highlight eyebrows

By focus attention on the eyebrows, you can highlight or correct many features of your face: eyes open, narrow or expand your outline. Shadows and eyebrow pencils can correct the shape well. For example, mascara eyebrow will give gel volume and set the desired direction of the hairs.

2. Apply white pencil inside your lower eyelid

 lower eyelid

If you want to make your stylish look, describe the lining of your lower eyelid with a pencil or eyeliner clear tone. To do this, you will serve the pearl and ivory colours.

3. Use Highlighter :


To add freshness and contour lines to your eyes will be useful a highlighter or pearly shades pearl colour. Apply them under the eyebrow, inside corner of the eye and the central part of the movable lid.

4. Lengthens lashes


If the tabs do not have curves, it is best to use a curling iron. Use them before you paint your eyelashes. Apply the mascara starting with the roots creating a sort of frame. False eyelashes also help visually enlarge your eyes.

5. Apply the shades of beige

shades of beige

The beige and coffee shades go well with all the girls. Apply the lighter shade on the eyelid, making it darker in the crease and applying the clear shadows under the eyebrows. This will help them shape your eyes.

6. Delineates the contours of the tabs

contours of the tabs

Representing the outline of the lashes to make them look darker, he makes the most expressive eyes. You can opacity gently into the base eye makeup, and your eyes will become more charming.

7. Blue tone makes your eyes more expressive

Blue tone

Blue tones in eye makeup go well with all the girls in green, blue or brown eyes. This colour will make your deepest and expressive look.

8. Use the shades of colours without fear

shades of colors

The shades of colours can be used both to accentuate eyes to use them as main makeup. The shade that matches the colour of your eyes would be the best option. To strengthen it, using contrasting colours.

Have you tried this any of from above? If not then try it and let us know how it looks?

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