13 Incredible Facts about Lefties

Facts about Lefties

Facts about Lefties

13 incredible facts about lefties that you may not know!!!

They have a bunch of advantages!

On the occasion of the International Day of left-handers, which every year falls on August 13, we are providing you with a 13 of wonderful facts about these great people.

Take time to pause and appreciate the difficulties faced by your “left-handed” friends in the world, which is never experienced by the majority of right-handed!

  1. Only 10% left-handers are there of the population of the world. This percentage has not changed for thousands of years and is almost independent of geography. Actually Men will born left-handed more than in women.
  2. Historically, the left-hander considered in different cultures as defective, scary people: they were accused of witchcraft.
  3. Stretch the left hand while shaking hands – a sign of disrespect in almost all cultures of the world. This tradition comes from the Middle Ages, when people used his left hand to wipe the toilet. In many countries, eating with left hand is banned.
  4. Wedding rings are worn on the ring finger of his left hand from the time of the ancient Romans and Greeks. They believed that the left side of the man – the “evil” part of it. And to cultivate the dark side of his personality, he had to hang left hand rings for good luck and happiness.
  5. Tennis player Rafael Nadal – one of the most powerful athletes in the history of left-handers. His coach and mentor Toni Nadal said that it gives his players a big advantage on the court.
  6. Most of compliments towards lefties sounds more like a criticism. Well, or as a backhanded compliment. Like, “you are very competent and organized, especially for left handers.”
  7. The policy of “leftists” were first called the Revolutionary Socialists, who in the 1790s were in the French parliament on the left hand of the chairman. Since then, the “left” all the time were considered hostile forces against the traditional elites.
  8. In Christianity, the “left” side also is associated with evil. In the description of the Last Judgement states that the damned (“goats”) are sent to the left and saved (“sheep”) – to the right.
  9. Five of the US presidents
    Write with their left hand : Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, George HW Bush, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama are left-handers who are the presidents of US.
  10. In Japan, During XX century, left-handed woman was divorced by her husband.
  11. Lefties often stutters than right-handers, and most of them suffer from dyslexia (inability to read).
  12. In essence, the left-hander starts talking late than others. They are often can’t pronounce some words properly.
  13. Only 1% of people in the world can equally able to work with both the hands in efficient way.

And what other interesting facts you know about lefties? Let’s share stories, because many of your friends may suffer because of this superciliousness.