5 Hashtag Favourites in All of Spain

4. As Catedrais Beach

Have you ever been as such as grateful for what has been bestowed upon us?

The natural beauty that we all are surrounded with only adds glitter to what we know is a remarkable creation by its creator.

Nature is full of surprises, and we are the scavengers unveiling the hidden mysteries that beguiles us to unravel the mysteries of mother earth.

Beauty is in the eye of the believer.

Each country is a miracle waiting to be discovered.

In modern times where Twitter and Instagram are ways of measuring the beauties, it’s hard to find what is real and what is not.

You just possibly can’t tweet about a place and not actually visit it. It’s a cruel way of being ungrateful!

Now as we had come to the point of understanding that travelling is unavoidable no matter how many likes or followers you’ve got.

Why Not Go for Live Feeds While Actually at the Destination?

Last season in Spain a number of bloggers went to all the destinations and their live feed and unedited humorous content went viral.

Yes, well it’s not hard to visit this country. All you need is a good time limit visa, proper travel documents and a universal charger is all you need to plan your next holiday destination!

Spain holidays with its multiculturism, eccentric mix of the coastal islands and the artistic city sites offers great places to visit and to learn from. The best thing about Spain is you can easily get familiar with the people; chat up your way and the locals are happy to tell you the guidelines and what place to visit and not to visit where the best food items are and so on.

We came with top 5 destinations hashtags worthy for either Instagram or Twitter and you can travel without any regrets for as long as you shall live.

  1. Barcelona

1. Barcelona

We are not talking about FC Barcelona (but we will!) but the gorgeous and amazing city high above the ground with a bird’s eye view.

Mirador de Sarrià won’t disappoint you in giving the top view of the magnificent city where you can take a selfie and the entire city in the background, try this during sunset and the amazing quality picture will blow up your mind.

After entertaining from the eagle’s eye perspective move down the lane of Gaudi’s visionary architect structure. One of the famous architects ever to be born the works always catches up distinct attention from not only the tourists but even Spaniards can’t deny the creativity of Park Güell.

The mosaic walls infused with vibrant colors at each step and the fact that all areas a public makes it even more exciting. Spending a day ogling at the great artistic wonders lets go back to being a normal tourist and go to the beachside!

The Mediterranean vibes are full of fun and trigger excellent ownership of the heritage of beaches it has to offer. Let’s enjoy a Pina colada or a margarita!

  1. Seville

2. Seville

With the most outrageous tourist’s attractions, Seville tops up in our list as well. The cultural capital of Andalucía with the notable historical landmarks it’s a mecca for the tourists in Spain.

The extravagant Moorish gardens are the best pace trolling you will get. You can easily proceed with calmness and keep videoing you live feed direct to the audience back home.

This city knows how to disarm the wits about you and slowly lets you devour and fall in love with its magnificence. Palaces, churches, medieval notions anything remarkable enough in your mind is already here waiting for you to share it with the rest of the world.

  1. Las Medulas

3. Las Medulas

In the province of Leon, is a miracle exhilaration that pumps up your blood like nothing else. The gold mines are a natural wonder and a welcome change of view from the cities.

This unique world heritage site is one of the most historical gold mines ever to exist under the Roman Empire. Now what you’ll find here are the aqueducts drawn up for the rivers streaming water from the mountains into the mines submerging it underwater and left the way you can see it now.

Sad is it may sound that many miners died here (may their souls rest in peace) and if keeping this point aside you can come to love the exotic location surrounded the by the trees. The galleries of mountains surrounding the vegetation is a fan hard moment for some exclusive pictures.

Don’t forget to focus on the colours!

  1. As Catedrais Beach

4. As Catedrais Beach

Moving further away from the bustling city hour let’s take another trip down nature, shall we?

There is a number of ostentatious beaches in Spain, each with its flamboyancy but this beach makes into our list today because of its modest yet porcelain looks. Sounds different? Just imagine yourself and your friends and a live video feed….it will work wonders on your Insta feeds!

Small alcove of caves is the nature’s stroke against the landform and the pride of this stunning beach is the cliffs, washed over with years of tidal waves giving it an uncanny view hence making it a famous tourist spots over the year.

Imagine starting your Instagram story dawn, just the right time when the beach catches the early rays of sunshine.

  1. Ronda

The oldest of bullfighting area is pretty simple and less fancy compared to its sister cities but oh the view…. sparkling like stardust is the wonder situated on two different cliffs. Its uniqueness lies in the construction of this small town city it’s like a miracle come true. A cheap holiday budget can easily lead you here.

The walls of canyon shaved with the passing of Guadalevín River is truly an unruly view to the eyes.

Its calm somewhat because of its location and the number of tourists who come here are for the brush strokes that nature had blessed this city with. Home to three bridges interconnecting each part of the city is a true sight and a great example of how under the reign of Julius Ceaser the engineering further developed.

P.S: Romans were known for their engineering skills.

You can only be defined by your limits. Romans had none and you can have a live breathing proof of that in shape of Ronda and other wondrous marks in Spain made only by the Romans but the Moorish Muslims as well.

Learn, explore and wander. And let others learn from your experience as well.