Generator Transfer Switch Is A Necessity


Generator transfer switch ensures you have a constant supply of power at all times. Many business owners want to protect their business from power failures that lead to millions of dollars in damages. Establishments that offer services and retailers need to operate their business without any failure. In the absence of electricity, their clients will not walk in their shop, instead, they will buy at the competitor’s store where there is lighting and cooling.

These days almost all businesses are powered and those situated in neighborhoods and cities where power outages are common, have a standby unit that takes over power supply to electric equipment when grid power fails. There are many providers of emergency generators that you can consult when it is time to buy a new generator. The practice of saving money on used generators is not so common these days. Most buyers now opt for new equipment as it is a hassle to fix the old units when they conk off. Modern units are easier to use and come with a lot of valuable features. With used units, the availability of parts can also be a source of problems if it is old.

The generator transfer switch accompanies some models while with some you have to buy it separately. Power can go out at a time especially now that summers are approaching fast. The power lines in some areas are not able to take a heavy load and this makes the transformers blow up. When you use an alternate source of energy you are taking the burden off the grid lines.

Many homes and offices are now opting for a permanent solution to power outages. They like the whole house generator for their homes and install a permanent generator at their office building. In the industrial sector, large size trailer mounted generators are used to offer extra power when required. Sometimes due to a surplus of orders, a factor may need to produce more. Adding more machines for production increases the need for more electricity. This need can be fulfilled by an industrial generator that can be rented or bought. Cost of electricity is high these days and, in many instances, the use of a generator allows for savings on electric bills.

There is hardly any home in the country that is not dependent on electricity. Kids like to watch TV, listen to music and play games on their tablets. Electricity is required to prep food in the kitchen and keep the interiors chilled when it is hot outdoors. The use of a whole house generator enhances the quality of life. By running your air conditioning, you improve the indoor air quality. Kids and the four-legged members of the family can spend a summer free from dust allergies if you keep air conditioners running.

Transfer switches allow you to switch from one source of power to another. In many homes, the use of solar panels to generate electricity from the sun allows for savings on energy bills. There are transfer switches available on the market that let you switch between three sources of power. These transfer switches can be manual or automatic. With an automatic transfer switch, there is no need to get up in the dark to turn the switch on or off. It helps prevent a slip and fall. All you have to do is to wait for a few seconds for the generator to start supplying electricity to your house or office.

The transfer switch helps draw the power from the generator for use with home appliances and other items powered by electricity. When grid power is restored, the transfer switch senses it out and commands the generator to shut so the supply of grid power to the house is restored.

The main purpose of using a transfer switch is safety and convenience. In some localities, the law requires that you have an electrician wire the generator unit to the electric panel of your house. Power to the vital systems in your house will never be lost when you use an automatic transfer switch. These devices prevent electrocution of utility workers that come out to fix power lines in an effort to restore electricity to your neighborhood. Transfer switches prevent back feeding on your wiring system to the main grid which makes a line live. So, get a transfer switch so using a generator gets safer for yourself and the utility workers.

The job will be done after the electrician acquires the necessary permits. The only exception is when you add a transfer switch to your portable generator. All you will need to do is inform your local utility about you running a generator. This type of generator is very useful, and you can directly plug appliances into it. It can be used for outdoor events, camping and also at construction sites to power tools. All transfer switches differ from one another. There are specific wattages that they can support. So, before you buy one it is a good idea to check the running watts it supports. You will also need to check its certifications such as the UL/CUL Certifications. All transfer switches come with an installation kit and you can easily find them online.

When the automatic transfer switch shuts the generator, you will notice that the unit is not completely quiet. This is so because the motor has to cool down a bit. When the motor cools down the generator gets quite. Many automatic transfer switches also come with a manual switch, so the user can start and shut it down on their own if they want. You can get the one that best suits your purpose.

If you have a generator that does not have a transfer switch you can get online and chat with a dealer. The salesmen at dealer websites will give you helpful information so you can buy the right one for your unit. If you have not yet bought a generator get one with an automatic transfer switch.