15 Google Applications That You Do Not Know

google apps

We must admit that Google is one of the best friends of a modern person. Every day millions of people search for information there but few know that this search engine has a multitude of useful options.

MyB2BNews  presents 15 applications Google you probably did not know.

  • Translator registration– an application for those traveling contentment. It is enough just to point the camera to a registration form and get the translation in your language. Extremely useful!


  • Gmailify  – This application helps you unify all your emails trays into one.


  • Google Scholar  – search engine that helps you find your keyword quotes as text manuals, academic papers, newspapers and magazines.

Google Scholar

  • Google Keep – is an application to create colorful and striking notes. With an agenda and you will perform your tasks with gusto!


  • Timer  – you can indicate the time you need. When finished, the application will notify you with a sign.


  • Google Sky – here you can see the space through images taken by telescopes and take a walk in our universe, as well as knowing the data of the latest research

Google Sky

  • Google Fonts  – the best search engine of fonts.
  • Google Art Project  – here will see the artworks of the most famous museums in the world in the best resolution.
  • Think with Google will help you be aware of the results of various studies, consumer behavior trends and fresh ideas.
  • Google Trends  – This application displays the most frequent Internet searches by country. To keep you abreast of all important events around the world.
  • Google Shopping will allow you to buy everything, starting with electronics and ending with cosmetics.
  • Panoramio  – these Google maps let you see real panoramas photographed by common users.
  • Google Sound Search  – is a similar application to the famous Shazam , it helps you instantly recognize the name of the song you’re listening.
  • Image Search  – to upload an image, you can find in other sizes, colors, other pages and other dates; also it shows you similar images.
  • Build With Chrome  – Google bonus – virtual lego. It is not only entertainment for children but also for adults.