How to promote your brand on the Google Display Network (SEM)


SEM positioning and brand promotion with the Google Display Network

 Nowadays, there are many Online Marketing strategies that we have at our disposal to make our brand or business known. From SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ), to positioning SEM ( Search Engine Marketing ) or Social Networks  or eMail Marketing .

In this article, we will try to explain advertising on the Internet through Google AdWords as a Digital Marketing strategy.

Any Online Marketing strategy that we apply should have 3 clearly defined objectives: increase sales of our products and / or services, increase the number of customers and gain brand awareness or Branding.

There are several ways to advertise your business through AdWords (Google’s platform to advertise on your search engine or on your Display network). Today we will focus on the second, we will talk about the Google Display Network .

What is the Google Display Network?

The  Google Display Network contains more than 2 million web pages, applications and videos where our ads can appear.

Through this type of advertising, we can guide our ads so that they are shown to a specific audience, in a particular place or context.

  • Scope of the Google Display Network

Through Display campaigns, we can get an estimate of the impressions we’ll get per week on Google for a particular ad group.

The scope shown by the estimates is based on the configuration we have established in our segmentation and the methods of the same.

In this way, knowing the scope that our display ad campaigns can have, we can know how the segmentation criteria will affect the impressions.

We have to keep in mind that these estimates are not a real representation of the traffic we’ll get with our ads. Rather, they refer to the number of impressions available to all advertisers using the targeting and configuration options we have selected for our ad group.

  • Advantages of the Display Network

One of the advantages of the Display Network is its omnipresence, since it is found on websites, in the online press, in specialized newspapers, electronic stores, emails, etc.

In addition, the  Google Display Network reaches even mobile applications. We can say that the scope of the display network is massive.

Another advantage to highlight of the Display Network is that it allows us to use more ad formats than text ads.

With the Display Network we can make a large number of graphic ads: ads in video format, ads with static image, in motion, dynamic ads and many more.

All this gives us valuable information about our business, products and / or services, in such a way that we can increase the number of leads that, in the future, can become our own clients.

There are more advantages derived from display ads: greater reach, possibility of increasing sales, branding for each impression of the ads, possibility of segmentation, remarketing strategies …

  • When to apply Display strategies?

The strategies Display  must apply when we make  remarketing  and greatly increase the number of prints. That is, when we want our ads to reach many users and pursue more the goal of branding.

When you apply remarketing , you increase your impressions considerably and this is nothing more than “free” advertising for our company.

Thanks to this, we can know if the configuration of the established campaign is restrictive, for example, if we have chosen many segmentation methods.

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