Preventive Health Checkup for Senior Citizens

preventive health checkup for senior citizens

People with declining age gets surrounded by several of heath related issue and there are many reasons behind the scene. These are caused by both internal and externals circumstances and hence there is the need for awareness and a healthy habit during this time period that keeps them healthy, fit and cheerful with their growing age.

Health checkups are the preventive ways that help in tracking body conditions and phenomenon and helps in holding off a number of diseases. Health checkups after a certain time period helps one to know the possibilities of onset of the medical conditions. These checkups help people and tell them the smallest possibilities of developing any type of disease.

In adults, who have crossed the sixties and even fifties, the process of aging takes a toll on their health. The nutrients that they are getting get minimized and this results in various issues when compared to the young people. This leaves a clear indication that one needs to pay more at attention and a regular health checkup keeps track on every part of their life. The frequency and the nature of tests vary with the age of Patients, age, Health and even lifestyle. Below we will enlist some of the checkups that are necessary for senior citizens and same checkups can be done with the help of MyAARPMedicare Login.

Common but Mandate Tests for seniors

A regular Health checkup for senior is all about risk management. A series of tests can be carried out and these helps seniors to be wary about what is stored for them. Even though it is the fact that with the age, there are numerous diseases that are unpredictable can affect the seniors but a few are common and hence this is a mandate checkup that should be done for the seniors.


Checkups for elevated blood pressure is crucial in this age and this is the main reason for various other diseases. These blood pressure problems are normally silent and can only be symptomatic only till it is late to be treated. Hence checkup for blood pressure twice a year is mandatory. If a patient is suffering from BP then regular monitoring is necessary.


Factors like cholesterol and triglycerides are directly associated with heart problems and strokes. Hence getting to know about them helps you to bring a significant practice in your diet and lifestyle. These healthy habits in your diet and lifestyle further balances the level of lipids in your body and reduces the risk factor.


Colon cancer test is regarding the tracking of any abnormal growth or polyps. The test of colonoscopy determines the cause and should be executed at least once in 10 years after you turn 50. And sooner you see it, treating this cancer becomes that easy.

Benefits of Tests and Physical Exams

Many other blood tests, MRIs, breast scanning and cervical cancers are also suggested by doctors in case of women. General conditions of lungs, thyroid test and other tests are associated with genetic diseases found their place in routine tests and physical exams are recommended by the doctors. For any of the disease identified in the initial stage can be treated successfully rather than at the severe state of it. And this ultimately saves time, pain, and money.

Whereas in the case of Men, a regular checkup and test for prostate cancer should be done. Pelvic exam, Pap smear test and mammogram and especially with the family history of breast and Urine Cancer.

Walking and other movements should also be seen to see if the bones or muscles are working properly. Arthritis or joint pain can be detected, and appropriate treatment can be determined. The issues of mobility can make seniors feel ill. When there is a recurring pain Reduced, it makes life easier for adults to enjoy life. Being happy and energetic is the key to staying healthy for a long time. They can also get better sleep and stay away from pain.


When the elderly are free from pain and know about the way to keep themselves healthy, it becomes easy for them to remain fit and remain independent. This helps them to be gracefully and emotionally safe. They can take care of their daily activities. Money is not an obstacle for health check packages because most are covered by insurance companies, and are not too expensive. Apart from this, discounts are also given from time to time to encourage senior citizens to get a health checkup. In case you have any other problem or want suggestions or want to provide suggestions regarding the topic then you can comment in the comment box below. Our moderators will be happy to help with your query. Till then stay happy and stay fit.