Hidden features Of Viber and WhatsApp, Which is Necessary to Know

I am using for years – and did not know!

Messengers have replaced our text messages, phone calls, and some – and live chat.

Hide it from other users when you were in the messenger, and watched their posts.

Do not you love when your activity visible to other applications? Do you want to ignore other people’s posts without further explanation of the relationship? Stealth mode is enabled.


Go into Settings> Account> Privacy.

Choose who should be visible during your last visit, photo and status.

Here you can turn off read receipts. But bear in mind that you also stop to see when I read your posts.


In “Viber” traced back to Settings> Privacy.

Here, you can disable the status of “Online” and read receipt messages (you too will lose this capability).

Rewritten messengers on the computer.

If you are very active messengers you use, it often becomes a little smartphone. You are useful of their desktop versions. Still, ten fingers typing is much faster than the two.


The “Vatsapa” Web version implemented simple and elegant: Sunset on the site web.whatsapp.com> open the app on your smartphone> iPhone to go into the settings on android device, menu> later in WhatsApp Web> scan it QR-code.


With “Vayberom” more complicated: you have to install it on a computer program. But through “Vayber Desktop” as the application, you can make audio and video calls.

Do not clog the device memory photos and videos of the messengers.

It is unknown what motivated the creators of the messengers, but the default media chats are saved in the general photostream smartphone. This setting is especially strange liking spamschikam who send pictures, business cards. Fortunately, it is easy to disable.

In “WhatsApp” open Settings> Chats and deactivate the item “Save. entrance. files. “

In “Viber” Find Settings> Media> Disconnect “Save the gallery.”

Switched chats to your mail.

If you need to save a copy of the correspondences on the computer, they can be sent to e-mail. In “WhatsApp” have the opportunity to do it with all your media files. In “Viber” – only text.

In “WhatsApp” chat rooms are sent separately. Come to the desired conversation, tap the name of a contact or group (on iOS) or the menu (on Android) and click “Send by E-mail». Specify whether you want to transfer files from the chat.

In “Viber” All chats are sent at once, but only the text part. This function can find in the Settings> Call and Messages> Send a message log.

Life hacking just for WhatsApp.

Disable notifications from importunate interlocutors and groups.

  • Tapnite contact name or group name and press the “Do Not Disturb”. Choose your term ignore.

Add your important contacts to the home screen.

  • This can be done only on Android-powered device. Navigate to the desired chat, press the Menu button and select “Add a shortcut.”

Look, when a contact has received and read the message.

  • Slightly paranoid feature allows you to watch when the message came to the other party and when he deigned to read it. On iOS this information appears when you move the cloud right to the left. On Android you need to hold your finger on the message, and then press the letter «i» at the top.

Write yourself.

Always a pleasure to correspond with an interesting person. Besides autochat can be used to store the image, references the messages audiozametok, i.e. as a notebook.

Add messages to your favorites.

If any message you will need in the future, add it to your favorites. Press and hold the right cloud, and then tapnite star. On iOS favorites posts can be found in two places: everything is stored in the general settings; from a specific contact – in his profile. On Android marked replicas are stored in one place: Shooting> Menu> Starred messages.

Put individual notification to important contacts.

To highlight the overall flow of notifications from important posts of interlocutors, set them a specific sound. Inside chat tapnite named contact and go to the “alert”. Choose your favorite sound messages.

And you use these programs? How often? Tell us in the comments!

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