How to Decorate a Children’s Bedroom


The children’s room is a space that serves everything, while you work Have the office, have fun in the living room and sleep in the bedroom, they make that and much more happen in their little world inside the house. Therefore, having children’s furniture will help them turn their space into a jungle full of dangers, or into a story library where they solve their enigmas of school. But you also have to make sure that when you go to bed the nursery becomes the workshop where dreams are made.

How to decorate a children’s bedroom

Children’s bedrooms: the hour of rest has arrived!

Children are constantly on the move, learning, experimenting and playing, but they also need a space for when it’s time to relax, sleep and assimilate everything they have learned. They can be close to mom and dad, but there comes a time when it’s time to have a room full of good nights on the roof and free of monsters under the bed.

Furniture for children’s room, textiles and lighting for the bedroom

That your room becomes your favorite part of the house and you feel more secure at night than in the arms of dad and mom depends on how you think in your space a relaxing, comfortable and pleasant environment. The needs of the children change according to their age, so write it all down, do not miss anything!

An idea of decoration for the baby’s room is to ensure you use the sheets and cushions most appropriate to your age: it is very important that in the first few months they do not get cold in the heat and that their sleeping position is correct.

Also for babies it is necessary to have 70 cm of space in front of the crib so that taking care of them is as easy as possible: this way, you will be able to clean them without problems and they will not feel overwhelmed inside the crib.

Install a bunk or a trundle bed; even if they have a room for themselves they will be very useful for when they have their own guests: they will seem to be camping!

And how to make them have their own bedside table if they sleep in a bunk or a high bed? A nearby bookshelf is a good resource that will also give them an extra storage space for their trophies and most precious objects.

Lighting also counts: apart from your ceiling lamp and the work lamp do not forget the bedside lamp Install a dim light that will take you with Morpheus!

The curtains are also important for them and not only to protect them from the sun’s rays at siesta time; It will also give them the privacy they need to feel they have their own space inside the house.

Children’s decoration ideas; how to choose your bed

Children’s furniture: a long-distance bed

Children grow up and how fast! With that idea we focused on the decision to choose a bed for children, sometimes we miss details that will make your bed grow as much as them and accompany them for a long, long time. Yes, your crib will say good night for several years, you just need to take into account the following:

At the age of 0 to 4 months, place the base of the crib at a high level and only with a sheet without cushions. At this age babies do not move too much and excessive heat is not advisable.

Starting at 3-4 months, the babies begin to move; so that they sleep more safely lower the base of the crib to prevent them from falling while dreaming. Also, cover them with the sheets and do not make them sleep with a pillow since this could hinder their breathing.

When they turn 1 they start wanting to explore the world on their own and to be able to get on and off the bed alone. Therefore, you can remove the railings on the outside of the crib and add pillows, blankets, quilts and your favorite stuffed toys.

As you see, this bed will accompany you until they start to grow at full speed!