Janmashtami Decoration Ideas for Pooja Mandir


Janmashtami is the famous festival of the birth of Krishna. In this format, we worship Krishna as a baby or as a ‘bal gopal’. All the mischievous adventures of baby Krishna’s life are returned on Janmashtami. Useless to say that Janmashtami decoration ideas for your home have a child cheer to it. Enhancing your home’s beauty for Krishna Janmashtami is like preparing a nursery in your home for the Lord.

To welcome God Krishna, decorate your home and pooja room on Krishna Janmashtami with our simple DIY decor tips. Find some of the best decoration ideas for Krishna Janmashtami. Utilize these ideas to decorate lord Krishna’s idol and jhoola and your home during Janmashtami. Have a look for inspiration:

Mesmerizing Jhoola/Singhasan

Along with the idol of lord Krishna his cradle, usually known as Krishna Jhoola is also decorated. Give a swanky look to Krishna Jhoola with Rust-Oleum Truworth Metallic Gold Spray Paint. This is best to imitate the look of gold, silver, brass and copper. Bells, banderwal or toran, colorful crape papers and chart papers could be used to adorn the Krishna Jhoola. The singhasan could also be attractively decorated with the use of colorful clothes and papers. Spruce up the looks of Krishna with these best Janmashtami decoration ideas this Janmashtami.

Use Fresh Clothes and Materials

Utilize everything new and clean. The draperies, bed covers, couch covers etc. everything must be clean, if not new. The garments that you use in the pooja mandir, change that too. Go for something offbeat this time and decorate your Krishna and his surroundings with simple, stylish and colourful sarees, dupattas or drapes. To improve the look beautiful fairy lights and antique wall hangings could be set around. Buy a new pair of dress for Lord Krishna for His birthday.

Handi/Matki Decoration

Lord Krishna as a child was known to be very famous and naughty. He used to break and the matkis just to take the makhan from them. He was also known as ‘Makhan Chor’, so it would be a nice idea to hang beautiful clay pots all round the house filled with some white cotton giving a look of a matka loaded up with makhan. These pots could also be decorated with laces and other glossy material for an aesthetic look. These matkas could be placed at the side of the entrance of your house or in pooja room.

Adorn Krishna Idol

Typically, the idol of baby Krishna or ‘Bal Gopal’ is utilized for keeping in the cradle. Lord Krishna is an ornamental God. He loves to get decked up for this birthday. So you can adorn your Krishna idol with gold jewelry. The idol is small but it should be draped in yellow silk. Yellow is Krishna’s favorite color and thus, your Janmashtami decoration ideas must include yellow. You can decorate your Krishna idol by making it clothes out of red bandini fabric.

Special Lights to Decorate

Decorate the entire home with colorful lights and bells, so that there is environment of bliss on his day. There are different sorts of decorative lights available in the market, for example garlands made of tiny colorful lights. You can fix these on the poojamandir, hang them down the curtains, around the doors and windows, any place of your choice. The plants and flowers will also improve the beauty of the home at any given time of the year.

Over to You

On this auspicious festival of Janmashtami you need to dedicate yourself completely to the prayers of Lord Krishna, you will pick up peace of mind and strength to progress in future.

There are many ways to decorate your home for Janmashtami and that’s why we have discussed some of the tips that can be applied simply. Whatever choice you have for this Janmashtami decoration at home, just ensure yourself to not overdo this.