11 Mistakes That are Killing Your iPhone

Many people treat their iPhones as children or grandchildren. But still they are used incorrectly. Those. They do everything that he “died” premature death.

Now we will tell you about the 11 bugs that do everything.

  • You never turn off your iPhone.

In fact, you need to switch off the phone at least once a week. Because if you do not, then the serious harm Smartphone.

If you use the iPhone as an alarm clock, stop doing it. Use traditional clock at least sometimes!

  • You have all the time including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Turn off these units every time you do not need. This will prevent the loss of stored energy and the efficiency of the battery.

Oh, and by the modules also has a rule: the fewer are using the longer serves.

  • You are using an iPhone in extreme weather conditions.

None of the smartphone was not created to withstand hot or freezing weather. IPhone, for example, designed so as to operate normally at a temperature of zero to 35 degrees Celsius.

If it is warm in the sun under the window, the battery can not only spoiled, but also to explode! Such cases fully.

So keep your iPhone in your pocket whenever the street is too cold or too hot. And do not leave it in direct sunlight. Try not to use them in the rain.

  • You put the iPhone on charge overnight.

It is also bad for him. Because the battery deteriorates faster when charged to 100%. Try whenever possible to disconnect the device from the charger after charging.

  • Do you expect when the phone runs down to 0%, and then – charged to 100%.

Modern rechargeable batteries for mobile gadgets do not need it. Moreover, lithium batteries, which are used in smart phones in recent years, on the contrary do not like.

Optimal for them – it is work in the range of 50-80%. Deep discharge devaysa kills him – and well as “over-charging”.

  • You use unoriginal charger.

This sin almost all owners of gadgets Apple: cords in the original charging too quickly fray, and are not so little. Still, try not to use fake charger.

This is the case when the miser pays twice: Charging of unknown origin are almost guaranteed to destroy the device battery. And if not can blow it! In cases where this has happened, the internet is full.

  • Never clean the device.

On the surface of your iPhone is much more bacteria than you think. They were on him than on the rim of the toilet bowl or a bowl of dog food!

Apple recommends that you clean the surface of the device, lint-free cloth. For the same own health.

Well, the iPhone is also health. This is especially true clean the socket for charging. If there is too much dust, it can damage the device! Use toothpicks or special needles.

  • You hold it in your hand, when you walk down the street.

The share of iPhones account for 40% of all the world’s theft in the street. So be careful when using them in public places.

  • You do not use a password to lock the screen.

Although this does not make 50% “ayfonovodov” always set a password to unlock the screen! Otherwise, criminals will steal your data or use your application for Internet banking is much faster than you think.

  • Do you allow all applications to use the geolocation.

Do not ever do. Leave this option only for the navigation software and possibly for Uber.

Because if you allow it to do all over the loaded program, your battery will be discharged in half to two times faster than it could, whether you are careful.

  • Do you allow applications to bombard you with notifications.

You can be notified, but you can prevent most programs send you a notice on the home screen. This will not only save battery power, but will improve your concentration skills: less distractions – more work.

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  1. Hi,

    It’s really good information for smart phone user to save their mobiles from unnecessary internal damages. I also faced much problem for my iPhone 5c. Regularly when i go for sleep at night at that time i put mobile to charge and it was charging full night, when i awake and check my phone then it was much hot but i never took it seriously, before some time i read this article and started to charge my mobile as mention above, and seen result, now my iphone never get heat and working much good then before.
    thanks for this good information

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