Nail Beauty Tips for Healthy, Strong And Shiny Nails

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Now, these days Everywhere can see Nail Beauty Tips and nail fashion. For example enamel print, diamond print, Floral print, glittery print etc. French nail art is also common because it made nails long. In French nail art tip use for nails whitening, While remaining natural part is painted with similar colors. If we use it with precaution then it will be fresh for two weeks.

For temporary use, we can get a lot of things on the market, printed stickers are also common which mostly used. An addition, After the use of normal nail paint, we can also use differently decorated things for more beauty and shine of nails.

Nail Beauty Tips for Beautiful Hands

According to Scientific Researches, Human nails are expanded approximately 1mm in a week. Nails needs for silicon beauty which found in the peels of different type of vegetables and fruits.

Following top beauty tips for your nails. Keep them in mind and use these.

  1. Beauty of lemon or orange juice makes nails beautiful.
  2. If egg mix in lemon juice for two hours and after that drink, then your nails makes shinier.
  3. Vitamin B2 and iron is also essential for its beauty, And these elements found in Green leafy vegetables.
  4. The use of Lemon liquid on nails, it’s brings shining on it.
  5. Drink daily minimum one glass of milk to fulfill the deficiency of calcium in our body. An addition, use maximum quantity of water, it’s the simple and easy way to get shine and beauty of nails.
  6. The use of vitamin C diets or juices increases the beauty of nails, and also decreases the problem of broken nails.
  7. Nails must be clean for one time in a week and after the cleaning use a cream or lotion.
  8. Dip nails for some time in lemon juice and after that wash with hot water and apply a good moisturizer on it.
  9. If you want the natural shine on nails then do massage with petroleum jelly on their nails and clean with cotton after some time.
  10. In a week for 3 or 4 times dip their nails in olive oil only for 15 minutes and get beautiful nails.
  11. Take some garlic and peel them after that massage on nails slowly for 20 minutes.
  12. For strong and beautiful nails: One tablespoon of tea tree oil mix with some drops of vitamin E and apply on nails. It also removes fungus and infection from it.
  13. If lemon or orange juice mix with garlic and apply on nails then your nails make strong.

For Cure Of Spoil Nails:Best Nail Beauty Tips

  1. The use of lemon juice mix with hot water or milk can improve the beauty of nails and also remove the spoils from these.
  2. If you are bothered from rough and yellow nails then massage with coconut oil or with peels of lemon on nails softly.
  3. For nail diseases, The use of aloe vera or use of Tied soaked cotton wool is very beneficial for roughness and also clean the gems from nails.

The method for broken nails:

  1. One lemon Liquid mix in water and drink it daily.
  2. Get four lemon and mix in some quantity of Alum, Use mixture for twenty minutes on nails, After that wash your hands.

Hand nail shows 30 different type of diseases Best Nail Beauty Tips

  1. Rolled or Medium-raised nails show gas and liver diseases problems.
  2. Small rebuke nails or trapped inside nails may be the sign of joint diseases.
  3. If the strange lines show on nails from one side to another corner, it signs of Severe malnutrition, injury of the nail or may be Having ago at the height of the disease shown.
  4. If the shape of nails like the raw surface of the spoon then, it’s the sign the of iron deficiency.
  5. The Uprooted of nails from the surface of the skin, is may the sign of thyroid.
  6. The fall streaks on hand nails, may be the sign of liver diseases.
  7. The White spots on the nails show that the deficiency of calcium and minerals in the body.
  8. If the one of a part nail is white and another part is pink then its show that the diseases of kidney and liver.


  1. The overuse of nail polish destroy and dry the cuticle. So avoid from overuse of nail polish.
  2. Apply a base coat before use nail polish.

So, These are Nail Beauty Tips for strong, healthy, shiny and beautiful nails. I hope you like it.