25 Best & Easy Passive Income Ideas in India (No Crypto, No Stock)

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Searching a jobs and getting settled is not an easy task for the people in this competitive world. According to the recent survey, more number of people has been fired from companies due to less number of projects they had. This passive income in Indiathing makes the people to think a lot and enhance them to find a creative way to get more income than they got in companies. However, it is also safe and flexible to go ahead without any hassles in life.

Let’s have a look that what are all the best and easy passive income ideas in India grab the attention of the job seekers.

1. Make money through tasks

In a current trend, we can see a lot of applications and sites ask the people to spend time for their task to complete. As per their rules, if you follow and complete, you will get money for the task you have did. So, the continuous tasks that you have spent may bring you a lot of income in your kit. It is considered to be one of the alternative income sources in India.  for example – 18 Short Task Sites for Making Money from Home

2. Upload your photographs on webUpload your photographs on web

If you are passionate about taking pictures that comprised of a lot of landscapes and portraits, then here is a chance to prove yourself. You can find the iStockphoto as well as Shutterstock to upload your photo which is hidden with lot of sheer talent. It is the site to not only enhance your talent on taking pictures but also help to sell your photo. Yes, here is the platform where you can also earn it.

Most popular and profitable websites to upload your photographs
Alamy  Shutterstock  iStock Photo
 PhotoShelter  Fotolia  PhotoMoolah
 SmugMug  Can Stock Photo  123RF
 Dreamstime  FineArtAmerica  Snapped4U

3. Sell your products in online store

You can make your own online store to sell your products. If the product grabs the attention of the people with the proper features, then there will be a chance of earning more for the product that you uploaded on the store. It is also easy for the people to sell the products in the current digital world.

online store

MOST POPULAR AND PROFITABLE WEBSITES TO sell your product in online store
Flipkart Amazon Snapdeal
Myntra Jabong eBay
Fashionara PayTm Limeroad
YepMe Yebhi Groupon
Ezebee CraftFurnish IndianCarnival

4. Create YouTube Videos

We are all very much aware of the stuffs that uploaded in the YouTube and gets viral. If you are very much interested in making a video, then YouTube is the platform where you can share your creative videos.Create YouTube Videos

If the people find a good work from you, then there is a chance of flowing cash in your kit. It is also said to be the additional income ideas in India where most of them prefer.

Here are the Top YouTuber in India

bb-ki-vines most popular youtuber





5. Purchase a blog

One must know that there are many blogs available for sale in the online market. According to the wish, you can purchase it and run as your own platform. Make sure to purchase the blog that activates with AdSense. If the Adsense works, then the cash flow also starts to work. Believe it or not, you can earn as much as you can with quality stuff by sharing & build a blog.

Top Website to buy and sell the Website/Blog:

6. Make a book

If you are interested in writing a book, then without going for a second thought you camake a book for passive incomen write a book and publish it. You can sell a book to a publisher and get royalties for a sale of book and distribution. At the same time, you will get a percentage of money for each sale made in the market.


7. Income from Rental Property

As we all know that the renting a property is considered to be one of the best thing to create passive income. All you just need to purchase a property and rent it to the people wanted. As the day’s passes, the rent will also increase considerably. At the end, it will also generate possible income source.

Income from Rental Property

8. Rent your space (rent a room in your house)

Apart from your own business, if you are looking for additional money to earn, then you can rent the unused space that you have. You can also find the online platform and promote your space with the people want to stay for a while. It will also lead to earn side income from home in India without any hassles.

9. Create an app

If you are an application developer, then try to pour a lot of creativity on it and develop your own application. Make sure to create something unique Create app for passive incomethan the usual. Hope it will be clicked among the seekers. For every download, you will earn money from online.


10. Build an online course

Nowadays, most of them are very much aware of online course to learn. If you are passionate about teaching and having second income ideas, then try creating online course with required topics. It helps a million students and makes you to earn for learning courses. However, it is your wish to set the fee for online course.

If you are interested to build online course and sell them then following guidance link will helpful for you.

11. Become a silent business partner

Generally, the successful business required a small time investment to earn more in future. In case, if you find the businesses like that, then try to become an investor and partner. Based on the income for this business, you will get some share for all the time.

12. Affiliate Marketing

We all know that starting a blog is just an easy way. But somehow when it comes to Affiliate Marketing For Passive Incomeearning money from blog, the sponsored post, advertisements and others are always a considering stuff. By creating affiliate marketing, your earnings will be strong and permanent. If you are looking for the best extra income source, then this could be the best option.

Further TipsWhat is Affiliate Marketing & FAQ

13. Do shipping business

It is also the easy way for to start and earn it through drop your shipping. For instance, you can collect the stuff from one person and drop to the destination place. It helps to earn through your shipping charge often. It is also simple for you to proceed further.

14. Sell Ebooks

In the current trend, selling an Ebooks is considered to be the best part to make use of it. The demand for the ebooks is more nowadays. So, you can demand the price for respective ebooks in online and easily sell it. At the end of the day, it is also residual income opportunities.ebooks for passive income

Pro Tips : 

15. Develop comparison site

Generally, when it comes to purchasing the product we used to visit several stores and getting confuse about it. If you form a platform and bring all the stores in one platform and try to compare those stores then offer the best one to the seekers to purchase. It will help the people to find the right choice and at the same time it also has the potential to earn from it.

Tips to make your own siteHow to Start a Price Comparison Website

16. Book Reviews website

You can visit the books website and give your own review after a complete read. Likewise, you need to review for the books in different platforms. This thing makes you to develop your reviewing skill. At the same time, you can also keep in touch with writers and help the site to bring more audience. With this process, you can earn a share from writers as well.

17. Purchase and rent your equipment

There is much equipment available in the market to purchase. At the same time, it is also need to many people to use further. But the fact is when it comes to equipment it is expensive to purchase. In this case you can purchase and rent out for reasonable price to the people required.

18. Purchase existing online business

You can see a people try to sell their online business in a decent price. At this stage, you can purchase the online site and start your business. It is also considered to be the easy way to focus on it and earn as per your convenience.

Tips4 Ways to Find an Online Business for Sale

19. Sell data to companies

If you are seeking for passive income opportunities, then the helping to companies make more sense. Nowadays, most of the companies are suffering from a lack of information to gather. In this case, you can gather the related information and share to companies at anytime. It will also help you to earn more and as a commission as well without any hassles.

20. Make your craft and sell

Most of the people are looking forward to earn more as an extra income. For the best extra income source, you can make your own creative crafts and sell via online stores.

You can see a lot of people expect crafts to gift to their close mates. So, this is the easy way to make use of opportunities.


21. Earn commission

There are many fields available and running by millions of people. In this case, for small income ideas India, you can do a task for someone and earn money from that task done for them. It is also easy for you to earn more as a commission.

22. Launch vending machines

For better income, you can also launch your vending machines after seeing the public demands. If they get the stuff what they required from your vending machine, then the business will become strong and get you more earnings at the end of the day.

Here are the tipsHow to Start a Vending Machine Business in 5 Steps

23. Work through social networking sites

Nowadays, most of the business promotions are done in social networking sites in a great way. If you are the one who promote their business in large, then you will get a commission from the income of their business.

24. Provide coding for project

If you are the one who passionate about writing clean codes for the project, then you can also do for the companies to earn more. For the best passive income opportunities, writing code for the project will bring a money in large at the end of the day.

25. Royalties

If you are passionate about music, creating music and delivering a good music will always be considered to the good piece of work. At the same time, your music will remain best and gets a high value tag. Thus the ownership of music is highly dealing with royalties. When it comes to royalties, it is mainly give the owner of music a claim of ownership. For your information, while earning of music which will lead to royalties too.

26. Network Marketing

It is the income which will help to continue your earnings depends on the efforts that you have poured in the initial stage. When it comes to Network marketing, thus the income will be mainly depends on the selling of products and other stuff. If the product considered being the popular ones among the people, then there is a chance of repeat sales of product.

27. Earn higher Interest on your savings

Generally most of the people have their money in the savings account then later you will use it or don’t invest it further. In case, if any emergency, then you may need the money. During this stage, you can use the sweep facility. It is such a facility which helps to allow you to transfer the funds from saving account to the respective virtual fixed deposit account and leads to high interest rate.

28. Create a business system and franchise it out

It is important for you to know whether your business system that suits franchising or not. If you are looking for expand your business nationally, and then franchising is always considered to be the best one. When it comes to expansion, bank loans may provide fund and it will lead your business to new level in a quick time than expected.


People who all are seeking for the additional income ideas in India can follow the above mentioned stuff for better earnings. Hope it will be helpful at the stage where you want to earn more.