Reasons To Cut The Cord For Better Streaming


The ongoing reports are to be trusted, individuals are escaping cable memberships in huge numbers. One ongoing investigation uncovered an incredible 25 percent of American homes have cut the cord and never again depend on link or satellite TV. The pattern at present skews somewhat more youthful: Four of every 10 homes with an occupant ages 18 to 24 have swung to streaming or online options. All things considered, all examinations demonstrate the numbers are moving crosswise over different age groups

Overwhelmingly, users need to pick what they watch – and they would prefer not to pay for extra channels which they do not watch. Surely one who does not watches movies would not want to pay for HBO. In the same manner, for what reason would anybody on a sports side would need to pay for FOX News? Therefore in this manner a lot of viewers are switching to paid options whereas some are switching to free options like Kodi using a fastest vpn for Kodi.

There are a lot of valid justifications to cut the cord. Here are three convincing ones that may give the motivating force you have to begin cutting your cable service.


Saving on watching habits is easier. But one needs to be smart enough to manage all the nitty gritties related to cord cutting. Using a cable service a customer would have to pay approximately for the following:

  1. Satellite Plan ($60)
  2. Cable Box ($12)
  3. HD Video Card ($6)

This could well sum around $90 to $100 for a package one does not completely views. However on the other hand paying monthly for service like HBONow ($14.99) allows cheap entertainment and you can cancel anytime you want since it is month based.

Viewer Specific Content

It is considered to be the best option for cord cutters that streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and others suggests content on the basis of viewer habits. So the more you watch, the better suggestions will be made to you. And as per sources these suggestions are pretty bullseye. A lot of them people might not know existed.

Live Content

A sports fan will not want to miss this feature. And things are changing, as events like NFL, NBA and other premium content is being made available live on subscriptions like Fubo TV, Sling and others. Others who are sticking with cable services are more focused towards cheap $20 digital antenna which can provide live content. But nonetheless

Not everybody might be yet ready to cut the cord, however the chances are seeing the benefits and options one would surely give that a try in near future if not now. But on contrary to it, not everything is free like available over the air antenna which would even require fee to watch those free channels. Than there are chances that not all media streaming services provide the same number of channels. Roku is heard to offer 4500 channels, which is the most comprehensive list of channels available for cord cutters.

And finally before you plan to cut the cord ensure, you plan your channels and viewing habits so that you make the best package for yourself.