The Doctor Told the Secret of the iPhone, Which Can Save Your Life!

Did you know that the iPhone has a function that can save your life in an emergency? Julie Thompson, an American physician, told about what many of its owners do not know.

She explains:


It turns out that access to important medical information can be, even if the iPhone is locked. The principle – the same as in the case of emergency calls.

But first you need to configure the gadget. Go to the application Health, its icon looks like this:

iOS App

When you open it, there will be in the lower corner of the screen icon Medical ID. Click on it and fill in the form. Here’s how it will look:


Fill all: blood group, possible allergies, medications that you are contraindicated, etc. Suddenly you find yourself in a desperate situation and you can not speak?

The doctor will be able to access this information, even if you are unconscious!


Therefore, if you suddenly find yourself in an accident, or find yourself unconscious for other reasons, of the ambulance workers will be able to recognize her. And it can literally save your life!


Many people prefer not to fill the Medical ID, because they think it is a waste of time. But in general, then Apple gives you a wonderful opportunity to bring all important data. Just in case. Little did the world every day event of an emergency?


If you have Android, here is a similar application – ICE / in.
Please share this message with your friends! Let’s take care of each other’s security! For someone this program can really save a life!

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