Here’s What You Should Know When Choosing Sod Farms in Atlanta


It could be that you stare over at your neighbor’s lawn and feel somewhat, “grass envy.” Probably their neat and well-kept lawn leaves you perplexed, wondering why your yard doesn’t appear or match up to theirs, despite all the efforts that you put into it. Regardless of whether you laid down turfgrass before, the truth is that the quality of the turf you choose fluctuates. You will come across several varieties, from high-end and plush, to rough, scratchy, and low-grade options.

Some homeowners in Atlanta decide to choose low-quality turf, simply to save money. In the end, all they have is unsightly lawn. If you want your yard to appear neat and well-kept, the best option is to visit sod farms in Atlanta and evaluate the types and choose the best quality ones. However, with so many options or choices available, here’s what you should know when choosing to buy from a sod farm.

Buy From Local Sod Farms in Atlanta

There are a few reasons why choosing to purchase sod from a local farm in Atlanta would be the best option for you. The first thing to consider is that it will not be as expensive, and you will have to spend less on transportation expenses. In addition, since it is still a living organism, sod remains at greater risk during long transportations and can ultimately experience damages over long distances. Lastly, investing in local farm sods will mean it will be ideal for your home and appropriate for the local climate.

Find Grade “A” Sod

When it comes to choosing “A grade” sod, this means sod that has the least weed content in it. For quality sod, this is more like a checkpoint. When you invest in superior quality turf grass for your yard, you need to keep some factors in mind. The sod should be cold, or heat resistant, bug resistant, feel and appear special, be drought resistant, have a special color, and smell fresh too.

Choose A Company Thant Will Handle It All

When you choose a good company, such as Atlanta Sod Farms, you will be able to find the exact sod that you are searching for and get the best in quality. In addition, a good sod farm company should help you with tasks like installing it. Whether you wish to have new sod, plan to re-sod, a reliable company will be able to lay down the perfect turf for your Atlanta home. Just make sure that the quality you choose is green and fresh.

The Reasons to Consider Sod over Natural Grass

As homeowners decide to give their front yard a great aesthetic appeal, they should consider sod over natural grass. The main advantage of this choice is that sod is less labor intensive than grass seeds, and the results are instantaneous. It can take just a couple of hours to lay down sod and it will be ready to use in just a few weeks. However, when using natural seeds, this can take months before blades of grass show up before the lawn becomes functional fully.

Another top reason to consider sod over natural grass is the growing process. Only professionals can grow sod, who ensure that sod grows best in the soil and it gets enough fertilizer as needed, and regular watering. Professionals use the right steps to develop the structure of the roots, ensuring the grass remains as healthy as possible. In addition, it is possible to lay the sod down at any time of the year. However, just ensure the ground isn’t frozen. Furthermore, natural grass seeds will require planting within just a couple of weeks during the year, depending on the type of grass and the climate. Upon laying the grass down, homeowners will need to use lots of fertilizer and weed killer, which should prevent the weed from taking over the upper layer. Furthermore, you will not need to use chemicals on sod.

Finally, choosing sod is a better option compared to natural grass because it keeps the lawn appearing aesthetically pleasing. Experts grow the grass blades in sod farms within close proximity, and this prevents the chances of weeds germinating or sprouting. However, planting natural grass seeds means spreading them far apart, which creates bare spots the need reseeding soon again. Eventually, the patches will attract mud and dirt as well inside the house.

You should ensure that you consult sod farms in Atlanta and seek the help of experts for an insight into the best varieties of sod. They will be able to guide you properly on the best types available and the preferable options that will grow well in your home. In addition, you will learn more about the varieties and species available, and the best practices to ensure they grow well in your yard.