5 technical web hosting issues that will affect your site efficiency in 2019


With the appearance of digital technology, the internet has spread its wings worldwide such a way that more and more businesses established their online presence by launching websites.

However, in the process of web launching on the Internet, it is highly important to select one right website hosting service for avoiding the problems related to web hosting in the future.

Today, there are lots of best hosting services and hosting providers in the market which offers affordable web hosting whether it is a corporate hosting, business web hosting or managed hosting services. If you do not have enough information on DNS hosting, web hosting solutions and hosting panels, then it will always be complicated for you to pick one best web hosting facility for you.

In the market, the presence of several hosting options sometimes let the users buy cheap hosts which in future they regret a lot when their website doesn’t function properly. Often, people buy domains but miserably fails to choose hosting services as they lack the information. In this article, I am illustrating a few common web hosting issues which you must avoid in a web hosting plan.

Take a look below on the common web hosting problems and follow tips on how to keep away from them before selecting a web hosting service.

Website Loading Time More, Website Performance Low

Quick things always get appreciation from audiences! For a website to get daily traffic, it must have fast navigation speed, and each web page should load within the blink of our eye.

The web hosting service has a big part to play concerning the navigation speed of the website. If the site takes a long time to load, then it is bound to get fewer users. It also results in lowering down the listings of the site’s search results; thus, significantly reducing the total number of visitors coming to the site.


“According to reports, 75% of people never return to a website that takes longer than 4 seconds to load. Page-loading time is a priority! Moreover, 88% of online consumers avoid sites after a bad experience.”


The Solution: To avoid this problem, you must inquire about the data centers of your web hosting service provider. If the data centers are near to the website users, then it increases your website speed by decreasing webpage load time.

The delay in the website navigation also known as network latency should be taken in care. Additionally, you must understand what actions hosting providers are seeking to reduce their network latency. Your website visitors are not local, they are global, and CDN (Content Delivery Network) must be good at increasing optimized speed.

Cost Can Affect Site Efficiency

It is surprising how some companies offer free hosting services while others charge enormously high for it. Therefore, you must consider the following points before you get caught in an offer.

Usually, companies offer services according to the amount you pay. When they offer free hosting services, you must see what companies gain in return from you like an advertising space or payment for other products you use.

Also, you need to ensure that a web hosting company is providing the required bandwidth and data as per your needs. Additionally, whether or not they allow you to upgrade to a better hosting plan in the future.

Look For Best Support Services

If your hosting services are running correctly, you have nothing to worry about. Unfortunately, the real problem starts when there is a problem with the hosting, and you have to wait helplessly until it gets resolved. Make sure to check what type of support services a web hosting company provides? Research before buying a hosting plan and look for the best.

Some companies provide 24 x 7 support throughout a year while some only provide FAQs and a contact form to register your complaints.

Low-Level Security

Many web hosting companies couldn’t protect your data from cyber threats and cybercrimes. While some give a false sense of security to the clients to grab hosting orders.

A web hosting business runs successfully and will always have more and more consumers. Thus, it becomes necessary for a web hosting company to assure all its customers that their services are safe and secure to run business transactions via their web hosting service.

Therefore, before selecting any web hosting company, always ensure whether it gives you the required level of security or not. If you are satisfied with the security terms, then you should opt for a web hosting company.

Limitations Of A Web Hosting Plan

Many web hosting service providers have flaws, but they do not disclose them. Due to this, a customer fails to understand the futuristic scope of the services offered by the company.

After hosting, your website should never face downtime on the Internet while making 99% uptime rate of the website. But, companies never disclose this information, and you repent later.

Hence, it is necessary to check all the aspects of a web hosting plan before selecting the right option according to your hosting needs. Finding out the limitations and companies telling you about it with a solution is also a beast feature to boost site efficiency.


Load time, security, content delivery network system, support services, etc.  are website performance building factors that can increase your site efficiency. This article is about buying these services from web hosting service providers. If these features are addressed well and don’t act as issues then selecting the right hosting plan is easy.

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