The “later” on the Alarm Clock Does More Harm than You Think!

Warn everyone!


Our smart phone has become our right hand. An indispensable personal assistant, right?

Feature – a million, but the most popular: Service. Someone starts the day to classical music, others – to your favorite tune, and someone – to the sounds of nature. It does not matter.

What matters is how you use it in the morning. There are two ways to install signal: single ring or multiple alarms separated by 5-minute intervals.

Admit it, you, too, so do: alarm is “start” time and “final”, it is – “the last”. Well, or the time of one, but five times, you click on the “later” after the phone rang for the first time.


So what to do with your body, these 5-, 10-, 15- or 20-minute intervals? You probably think that they help you “wake up more gently.”

We all know what we are about – about the inertia of sleep. I’m talking about the state of drowsiness and disorientation in the first few tens of minutes after waking up from a deep sleep.

The problem, however, is that if you “remit” his morning with a few alarms, it thereby does itself no favors!

Juan Jose Ortega, Vice-President of the Spanish Society of Sleep, confirms these theses. He explains it to shoot down “biological clock”.

“Our body starts preparing to awaken two hours. First, the body temperature begins to rise. Second, falling to its lowest level in the blood concentration of melatonin – the hormone of sleep. Third, rising cortisol levels,” – he explains.

Those. If you set the first alarm long before they actually get out of bed, do not leave the body a chance to prepare for awakening.

Robert Rosenberg, medical director of the Center for the Study of sleep disorders calls for at least two negative aspects associated with the habit of waking in the morning several times:

“Fragmentation of sleep always leads to a decrease in quality. In addition, you are forcing your body twice to enter into a new cycle of life before it has time to finish adapting. After getting everything we need 5 minutes to come to his senses. Your self-deception is your feeling constant fatigue and sleepiness during the day. “

This leads to the fact that during the day you lose your ability to make decisions, are suffering from memory impairment and falling overall productivity.

Biologist Mitchell Moffit gives you another quotation, after which you will not want to set multiple alarms again:

“Instead of having to prepare the body to the awakening, you are doing something quite the opposite. Each subsequent alarm makes you feel even more tired. Do you want to help yourself to wake up, but only spoil your whole day.”

The best solution – to wake up naturally, without any alarm. Decision little worse – to use it, but to wake up every day at the same time. Once!

If you continue to “play” with their internal clock, your problems with attentiveness and memory will only grow. And forget the snooze button, “delay”. Use this time for breakfast!

How do you wake up? Do you convinced this article at least something? Tell us in the comments!

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