Top 6 Tips for Solo Female Travelers

Solo Female Travelers

Women are very fragile beings hence it is important to pay attention and care for them. Women also need to care for themselves as they are the number one person responsible for themselves. Going on a trip is a good idea if it is safe. Women are also more prone to threats than men. Hence, it is important that they make efforts to ensure their safety. Here are six tips for solo female travelers whether you are taking flights to Brisbane, flights to Japan, flights to Egypt or flights to Madrid.

Get a travel insurance

This is very important as it may save you from having to spend more than you intend to. Understand what such insurance package covers before you even take it. Things can always go south despite how much or how well you plan. A good contingency plan is always useful.

Have emergency response numbers on your phone

The best way to be safe is to be more proactive than reactive. Do not wait till you find yourself in an emergency situation before you start looking for a directory containing certain details. Always have certain pieces of information handy such that you can always reach out to them at the snap of your fingers.

Befriend a few locals

This will serve you as good as an insurance cover and even better. The locals have first hand information of the area as well as the people staying there. They can tel you who to avoid and who to befriend. They can tell you where to avoid and where is safe. What is more important is that you befriend the right people from the start.

Do not give out too much information

This is particular to the locals as well. In my previous point, I emphasized the need to befriend the right set of people in the first place. Do not give out too much information to anyone no matter how comfortable you may feel with them. Women tend to act based on emotions hence my emphasis on this point.

Learn some self defense techniques

We do not pray for certain things but ee should also need to know that you do not always get what you ask for. As a lady, it is best you learn certain self defense technique. You can learn both the physical skills and back them up with the use of certain tools. These tools should always be in your person or within your reach.

Inform necessary third parties of where you will be going

At every point in time, let those who are tasked with keeping you safe know of your whereabouts. No matter how awkward where you are going to may seem, always tell the relevant people where you are going to. Your family members should have your lodging details so that they know where you are staying during your trip. If you have a reason to leave the hotel, always inform them of where you are heading to so that they can also ascertain your whereabouts.

More important is that you avoid instances that will put you in danger.