4 Tips for Truck Tyre Maintenance and Efficiency

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Every truck driver across the world knows that truck tyre maintenance is one of the most expensive liabilities of the transport business. Irrespective of the fuel and staff costing, tyre expenses happen to be very much considerable that are to be deals at any cost. Truck drivers believe that tyre accounts to almost one-third of the truck’s fuel use in order to overcome the rolling resistance. That makes it quite justifiable that if you maintain your tyre regularly, you get to have an indirect reduction into your fuel cost. So let’s check out some amazing tips that will help you maintain your tyre in the perfect manner.

Low Rolling Resistance Tyres

Giants of the Tyre industry have confirmed that low rolling resistance tyres undoubtedly represent the most important development for the industry as it has the tendency to potentially reduce the overall fleet cost. Some even say that approx. 10 percent of the total fleet cost can be attributed to the truck tyre rolling resistance. Therefore, you are more likely to make a real difference if you are good at dropping that number.

Low Profile Tyres

There has been a significant increase in the use of low profile truck tyre across the world that also use less fuel and give additional stability. Some transport business owners are very much inclined towards buying cheapest tyres in order to manage the tyre costs. Well that’s not the solution anyway and it will end up with none other than loss in fact. For that, you need to consider the total cost of the tyre as managing tyre costs involves tons of common sense strategies just like tyre fleet tracking and vehicle alignment.

In case you are wondering about the truck tyre maintenance for low profile tyres, you can head to the service providers rather than trying to do it yourself. These services are very cost-effective and won’t need you bear plenty.

Self-Inflating Truck Tyres

Having tyres that inflate themselves to indicate pressure is much better than having ones for which you need to have the mechanical system that maintains pressure. Numerous multinational companies are testing self-inflating tyres for the commercial vehicles and it’s being hoped that these will be in the available all across the globe soon.

For self-inflating tyres, thin tube runs around tyre inner side that’s connected to a valve open to the outside air, which mainly sits below the tread. It has got internal sensors in it that measure the tyre pressure so that the valve can let the air in and out depending on the standard pressure of the tyre.

Regularly Inspect Tyre

Even the best quality tyre needs to be inspected regularly in order to ensure its maintenance and efficiency. The heavy vehicle running over the road carrying good and commodities of millions are all to be taken care of and tyre is the most important part of that vehicle that’s directly in touch with the road. Therefore, just make sure that you regularly inspect the tyre.


It’s essential to maintain the truck tyre in order to ensure its efficiency. Here are few tips that will help.