Top 7 lightweight web browsers for android

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Lightweight web browsers are easy to use and they are fast in browsing. Why we prefer lightweight web browsers for using in our smartphones? The answer is quite simple, they are consuming low quantity of data when browsing. And only consumes very little power. So, we can save both data and power when we are using lightweight web browsers. Along with the lightweight, they provide full features that we can enjoy in other non-lite web browsers. Besides, they need only consume very little space on RAM while installing them in smartphones. Here we are listing the best lightweight web browsers for android and iOS smartphones.

1). UC Mini

UC Mini is the most popular lite web browser used by millions of users. When a smartphone users are thinking to install a lite browser, then UC Mini will be in the mind. UC mini is developed by uc web, and most popular web browser for the android smartphone users. UC mini is very easy to use, very simple user interface, quick navigation. UC mini consumes very little data when browsing. This web browsers gives you a very fast browsing experience, and download speed is boosted by the booster features in this browser. Night mode for browsing in night and private in-cognito mode available for private browsing. Many cool features are integrated with this lightweight browser app. Online streaming of video using in built video player. Navigation cards, control over video playing etc are other features.11 MB apk file size.

2). Opera Mini

Another most popular web browser from the developer of web browsers for desktop computers opera. Opera mini is the must included in this list and is incomplete without adding this lightest web browser. Very fast and safe web browser, give preference to security. Opera mini is full packed with in built media players, ad-block features, videoplayback gesture, fast download etc. When downloads complete, the files can be open from the download area. There is download speed notification shown and the time required to complete will notify. The default home page is packed with the navigation to the best ad most popular websites and services. You can add, the best service or website address to the home page to access the website with just a single tap.

3). Jio Browser

A lightweight web browser from Reliance, Jio browser, which was developed and launched recently for the smartphone users. The first browser that launched by a mobile network. The very lightweight web browser packed with full features. Since the browser is based in india, and the app is supported by almost many indian languages. The news notification is the best part of jio browser, the latest news, trends etc will be notified to the user. Pull to refresh web page is other feature. As we can see in other web browsers, night mode, in-cognito mode, etc are available. Jio browser gives you the excellent fast browsing and downloading experience. News feed from the language you set available as notification. When you use the app with Jio 4G network, it gives awesome browsing experience. You can use the browser with other networks too.


4). Google Go

Google Go, a lighter and faster way to search. The lightweight web browser from google. Apk file size only 5MB, such awesome and lightest web browser gives you amazing browsing experience. Very good users review on google play store. Saves space in your phone. Just tap, to read and know the most trending topics. Google go supports multiple language. You can set as second language to search and find. You can get high security and fast since the app developed by google LLC. Now total of 50 M downloads from google play store.

5) Firefox lite

Very lite and fast web browser from the world’s best web browser developer mozilla firefox. Mozilla firefox is the top most and most installed web browsers on desktop computers next to google chrome. They developed very lightest web browser of 3MB apk file size for the android smartphone users. Along with fast, they emphasize on security too. Firefox lite is very suitable to install on any smartphone having very low RAM smartphones. No lag while working with firefox lite web browser.Very good users review 4.6 out of 5 in google play store from thousands of reviews.

6) DU Mini

Only 2 MB size very thin web browser for android users. With all the needed features packed, DU mini provides fast and secure internet browsing experience. In-built video player, audio player, and video floating features. The home screen interface is very simple and to quick navigational. The home screen itself set the most popular service pages and just a single tap will land you to the appropriate website. The most recommended web browser if your smartphone have very low internal space. The latest version of DU Mini web browser only file size of 1.2MB. Such a lightest web browser is DU mini. Just download and use.

7) Via Browser

Very lightest web browser available on android play store. The apk file size of 563 KB, and high speed internet access. Download speed also good. Very little memory required to install via browser. The overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 from more than 50k users review. You must try this web browser. Via web browser is highly customizable according to the users choice. Since the app only takes a low memory space, while using via browser, you can still enjoy the performance of your smartphone. Some high space consume web browsers may slow down your device. News updates, push to refresh, home screen customization, night mode etc are features of Via browser app. Download to enjoy the lightest Via browser now.