What to Take into Account to Buy a Baby Stroller?


There are many options of strollers and chairs for our baby. There are differences in the number of accessories that the cart incorporates, the wheels are completely different … At what key points should I look?

When we started looking for our future baby’s car many parents found so many models that we are not sure what is key and what other characteristics of the baby’s chair are less important details .  Take note of all these points that you should not miss when choosing your child’s chair.

Number of wheels: three or four wheels?

In the market we find chairs with three wheels and others with four but, which is better? The stability of both is exactly the same.

The three-wheeled chairs usually have cushions and upper brakes and are easier to push.
As a counterpoint, four-wheel chairs usually have less weight and dimensions than three-wheel chairs.


It is important to check that the brakes of at least two wheels can be operated at the same time (usually those of the rear wheels). Some more sports and off-road models have front brakes to provide more safety .


The chassis is a frame with wheels that has a handlebar with which the cart is pushed.
It is designed to transport the baskets and seats . Currently all have ergonomic handlebars that adapt very well to the hands and facilitate their driving.


The seat is the structure in which the child travels. It is in a reclined position to avoid having to travel lying down. Usually the strollers have several reclining positions for the child to travel more comfortable. Check here the world best quality pram & strollers online. Chairs in which the child is fully seated can not be used until 8 or 9 months.


  • It ‘s the structure where the baby travels , usually lying down.
  • It must be changed when the child can remain seated.
  • It is very important to check that it easily separates from the chassis.

What are the aspects that you must take into account when buying your child’s stroller? We give you the keys to find the most appropriate model for your baby and your family

Although portering is more than recommended, especially in the first 6 months of the baby, a stroller is also necessary and has a number of advantages: it provides a safer environment for the baby, safe from the sun and the weather, with a space of protection and a secure hold, allow you to go for long walks or running (there are specially designed chairs for it, you should not run with a normal stroller) with your baby in your stroller.

In the market there are basically three models of strollers: the trio chairs (which combine carrycot for their first months, stroller and car seat), multiple chairs (twins, for triplets, transformables …) or lightweight chairs (which they are used as of the first year). Although you can also find others, such as those designed for sports (with greater stability and protection than a normal ride).

  1. Handlebar You can find chairs with handlebars in the form of a horizontal bar or two handles. Although the first can be more comfortable to carry the stroller (allows, for example, take it with one hand), the second allows the chair to occupy less space once folded.
  2. Brakes. There are them in a single wheel, in both, that are activated from the handlebar, automatic … The main thing is that once the chair is set it remains motionless even when it is on a slope.
  3. Adjustable footrest. The ideal thing for your circulation and your postural hygiene is that, when you use the stroller as a chair, keep your feet supported. A footrest that can be adapted to your child’s growth will ensure good posture.
    4. Upholstery. Ideally, it should be removable and washable to ensure the best hygiene of the cart. It also has the type of material, especially in the area that will be in contact with your child. Look for a soft and breathable material.
    5. Wheels. The main aspect that you should observe in the wheels is that they have a good diameter. The bigger the easier to transport the stroller will be and the better it will overcome the obstacles.
    6. Folding. Contemplate the dimensions when it is folded to know how much it will occupy in your home. In addition, a simple and safe mechanism that allows the chair to be easily folded and prevent accidental closing will be the best.
    7. Accessories. See what accessories the stroller comes with to save future purchases or use others that you already have. Sunshade, protective bubble, storage basket, carrier for your brother …

Also, keep in mind aspects of your lifestyle: Do you have an elevator? How do you move? In public transport, by car, on foot …? Do you walk a lot? Do you like sports? Do you want me to accompany you from birth or just need a conventional stroller?