Why you should stay Single, if you want Happier and Richer Life

stay Single

Most of the people definitely agree that the marriage is equal to very poor loneliness.

In the end,the married people obviously look happier for everyone.

Research has been revealed! – Single people can lead a happier and richer life.

But all will be not good. It has a high chance to live a richer social life, and can have faster psychological development than married men and women. At the very least, that such data were presented at the annual convention of the American Psychological Association (the APA), which took place this week.


Why single people live a rich and meaningful life

“People who have not yet managed to find a couple of live much better than we used to think in a sense, their lives, even happpier and richer than that of married people, Bella De Paulo, a scientist from the University of California at Santa Barbara Stereotypes say “exactly the opposite, but research shows that we are all wrong. “.

“Living alone really brings a lot of personal benefits.If you live alone, you will grow as a person and to develop better In every sense there is a stereotype that loneliness – it’s definitely bad, but it does not stand any criticism of psychologists and sociologists”.

DePaulo held a very large-scale survey of recent publications in scientific journals on the subject of how marriage and bachelor life affect such things according to the level of happiness and personal growth. She found 20,000 studies on marriage. All of them have been published since 2000. At the same time she was able to find only 500 studies about how single people live.

These are the conclusions she made:

  • One study showed that people who are married in the first five years, almost stopped in personal development. Married people are more self-confident, but less capable of critical thinking.
  • Contrary to stereotypes, when people get married, they become more withdrawn and isolated from society. This is logical: you may lose friends after they got married? Surely these people enough, what they say and study: bachelor life strengthens social bonds.
  • The stereotype says that bachelors are greedy egoists who live only for themselves. But the data show that, on the contrary, they always wish to help the family than married people. Do you think they are good? Or they just find ” excuse “?

DePaulo stresses that – this does not mean that if you are single, then it is necessary to look for a mate

This means that family life is may be better than bachelor life: all things depend on how the right partner you can find.

Unfortunately, many people due to the fear of loneliness, get married before they find a truly loved person.

So the next time your friend is going to marry, you tell him that the talent of living depends on you.It’s true!

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