Why You Will Never Be Rich?

Be Rich

If this is not about you, please accept our sincere congratulations!

Contrary to popular belief, “The chances to get rich, all the same”. Anyway, this convinces us millionaire Steve Siebold, personally made a fortune. But can you repeat something like that?

To help you answer this question, we have compiled a list of warning signs that should be addressed. Of course, it is impossible to foresee the future, but the probability capitalizes be much lower, if that’s allowed these errors.

You pay too much attention to savings and rarely think about their earnings.

The savings are very important if you want to accumulate wealth, but do not spend on them as much time , otherwise you may ignore the earnings (namely his focus on the rich).

“The masses are usually so absorbed by clipping coupons and frugality that missing great opportunities” – says Siebold.

There is no need to give up practical ways to save. However, if you want to start thinking like the rich, the “stop worrying about the money end, and dedicate themselves to earn more “, recommends Siebold.

  • You still have not started investing

One of the most effective ways to earn more money – invest it and the sooner you start to do it, that is the better way for you.

“On average, millionaires invest up to 20% of annual household income. Their wealth is not measured by the amounts earned for the year and the amount of savings and accumulated in a long time”, – says Ramit Sethi in his best-selling book “I’ll teach you to be rich.”

  • You are satisfied with a stable salary

Average income in terms of people prefer time payment (regular salary or hourly rate), while the rich people prefer to pay on the basis of the results and, as a rule, Self-employed people.

“This does not mean that wage-workers does not have outstanding talent, just for the majority of this is the slowest way to prosperity, although it is perceived as the most secure,” – says Siebold

“Great people know that the shortest path to wealth – to work for themselves.”

  • You always buy things you cannot afford

If you are living beyond your means, you will not get rich. Never.

Even if you start to earn more or get a promotion, do not use this as an excuse to live royally.

“His first prestigious watches and expensive car I bought only when my businesses and investments began to bring a guaranteed regular income in several directions, – says a millionaire Grant Cardone – Already a millionaire, I continued to ride a Toyota Camry. Stand out better its ability to work, not shiny trinkets.”

  • You follow not for their own, but for someone else’s dream

If you want to be successful, you have to love what you do. It sounds corny, but it is important to discover your love and do not depart from.

“If you are pursuing someone else’s dreams or goals, you can eventually become unhappy in their profession,” – he writes.

  • You rarely get out of your comfort zone

If you want to get rich, to make progress and move forward in life, you have to get used to the uncertainty and discomfort.

  • Rich people often find comfort in uncertainty

“The physical, psychological and emotional comfort – the main goal of the middle class – says Siebold – Personalities very early understand that becoming a millionaire is not so simple, and in the comfort of need can be devastating.”

  • You do not know what you make money

If you want to eventually accumulate wealth, you must have a clear, specific goal
Before you start making a financial plan to achieve it.

Rich people consciously dedicate themselves to enrich. The millionaire T. Harv Eker says:

“The main reason why most people do not get what they want – why they do not know what they want. Rich people know quite clearly what they want: to grow rich.”

  • You first spend and then set aside what was left

If you want to get rich, you learn to save in the first place it.

“Most people earn their first dollar and pay the first thing to others – wrote a millionaire David Bach – They pay the landlord, bank, Telephone Company, government and so on.”

Instead of having to spend, and then put off what’s left, start with the postponement.

Set aside at least 10% of their total income and make this process automatic, says Bach.

  • Do you think it does not depend only on you?

“The average person thinks that to be rich – which falls just lucky” – says Siebold

In fact, you have every right to be rich in a capitalist country, if you are ready to create something truly valuable to others.

Just ask yourself, “Why not me?” Rich people set the bar high expectations, especially from themselves.

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